Added the Debian package of version 0.5.2 to the download page!
Once again thanks to Brian for taking the time of making it!

Version 0.5.2 realesed
New stuff is some fixes to the Font selector, abit better Ansi support and the autologin should work on even more M** types.
Grab it from the download page!

Added the newest Debian package of 0.5.1, thanx to Brian for making it!
We have also made Sclient available in RPM packages, grab them from the download page!

Version 0.5.1 realesed
There was an major bug in the version 0.5 that some of our new users noticed, thanx for the feedback/bug report people.
The bug was not detected by old users that had the .sclient dir in their home dir, but with out the .sclient dir the client made an real deep dive when started!

The SClient team apologizes for this fatal miss!

Version 0.5 is finaly out, with better ansi support, Macros and a logger.
This version is starting to look and work like we want it to. Hope you will enjoy it as much we do!

Made an face lift to the webpages, made it cleaner and easier to read!

added a Message board and rearanged the homepage abit

The rewriting of the aliases is turning into macros, hmm that wasn't the meant to happen ;) , but it starts to look and feel good! Here's a screenshot of the next realese, just so you know what to expect :)
We will realese it as soon as we get all the stuff to work properly...

For you Debian users, SClient 0.4c is now available in a debian package. thanks to Brian E. Ermovick for his effort of making it :)

Released version 0.4c
This version is upgraded to use Gtk+-1.2 libraries, so if you haven't upgraded the gtk library this is one good reason why you should do so

The Credits file was misplaced in the version 0.4/0.4b, this is now corrected with File in the tarball and a credit section on this page!

Version 0.4b is released, lots of bug fixes. We have also rewritten allot of the graphical code so it starting to look rather nice.
There are also a staticly linked version for you to download, so you dont have to worry about what gtk version you have.
for more info read the Readme included in all the download able files!

Well, I got a little reinforcement in the programming of the SClient, a good friend of my looked at it and just thought that it was so great that he got caught in the code somewhere and I haven't seen him since. err NOT ;o)
His name is Fredrik Andersson (Drizzt in the mud world) and hopefully he can solve some of the problems I been having, he's more experienced in the programming world then I am. ;) Right now Fredrik is working almost day and night on fixing the a crash bug that I unfortunate put into the code somewhere, typical me ;)

Added a few snapshots so you can see how it looks before you download it :)
Screenshots of the client you can find on this page!
Noticed that there are problems with the aliases and font selector, work is in progress, I hope to be able to release a fixed version in the end of this week!

Released the Version 0.3b ok, yet another "b" version! The *BUG* that was in the former release is hopefully gone. (as long as you don't try to type a command that will print out more then 6144 bytes of text on the screen, like list all objects/mobiles on the mud, it will stay alive:) ) This is a stupid way of coding it, but for now it have to due couse I don't know a other way to solve it on right now. if you still are having problems with the client crashing when you try to look at large amount of text at the same time, plz mail me and I'll try to correct it! Please submit what mud you are on and what command it crashes on!
This just so that I can see for my self (makes it a h**k lot easier to to debug the problem)

Released the Version 0.3 ok, lets see, whats new! It's a heck of a lot faster then ver 2, but unfortunate that came with a small *BUG*!
The command history thingy is rewritten, and works allot better then before, it's not prefect but improving! I have rearranged a bit in the menu's! the Echo and Keeptext toggle button is gone, it might appear again later on. The entering of password is masked, hope it works allright. It's starting to look rather good, now if I only can get rid of those last bug's that is in it it might be almost great ;)
I have started doing a documentation/manual to the client and also I have allot of debugging ahead so it might take some time before next realese!

Realesed the Version 0.2b A friend of mine pointed out a small feature,( err ok it was an small bug ;) ) with the saving of aliases, when you had autosave on it didn't save the aliases ?? *shrugh* , so in this updated version of 0.2 I have removed the Autosave completly, It might get back in later again :)

Released the Version 0.2 Rewritten totally,(OOPS, it got twice as big) I have removed the prompt window down in the left corner cause of bug problems! Color handling is also redone, I don't think they are correctly but I'm working on it!
I have added the ability to create aliases, change font (if you have GTK development package)!
There are no known bugs in this versions, so if you catch one that is reproducible PLEASE mail me with the info about GTK version, Linux version(dist) and what the problem is and what you did when it happend!

Released the Version 0.1 this is an early Alpha version with lots of bugs in it, but I put it up here any way so I can get some feed back from users!