What is SClient?
SClient is an small and fast mud client to be used under X Windows.
It's designed to be easy to use, so even an newbie can use it without problems but yet so powerful that the most experienced mud addict will find it usefull!

We hope you will enjoy it!
The SClient Team

* Connection Wizard with autologin option
* logger
* Triggers
* Macro's
* Aliases
* Ansi support
* Command line history
* Font selection

What do I need to use SClient?
You will need Gtk+ 1.2.0 and Gtk+-devel-1.2.0 library installed and have gtk-config in you path to compile it.
The Gtk+ 1.2.0 needs the Glib 1.2.0 to install so you better get that one as well.
You can get Gtk and Glib from: http://www.gtk.org

Robin Ericsson for the Amcl client
which we have partial used as a base for this client!

BrOkE for the Bmud client
the SClient ansi coding and command line history is used
from Bmud!

Brian E. Ermovick for the Debian package of Sclient!

Patrik Nordebo for the coloreditor code.

Patrick Mullen Trigger fix.

Yan Gurtovoy fixed font handling, commandstacking in triggers,aliases and macros, other code for the triggers and code cleaning.

And probably some other people that I don't know the name of that have made code that is used be this application!

Version 0.7.2 released
Well, it have been a while since the last release but now its here! SClient Team would like to thank Yan Gurtovoy(aka warrior) for taking the time to contribute to the client, he have fixed the font handling so it now works as it should do. changing font now affects the whole app insteed of just the main window.
He has also implemented commandstacking into the triggers, aliases and macros. He also made it possible to insert words from the match for the trigger into the lines that are being sent out for the trigger in question. For more details download the client and check it out :)

Version 0.7.1 released
This is mainly an service release but with some new perks :)
Triggers should be working better, hopefully it works allright on most m**servers.
(Thanx to Patrick Mullen for taking the time to correct the problem!)
Added a few things like beep support(system speaker), hidable toolbar, statusbar and the Macrobuttons.
Download and enjoy!

Version 0.7.0 released
Ok, it looks like we are getting somewhere, this realese is what I(Heathen) had as an goal when i started on this project!
We got the Triggers and the Color editor into it,there are an optional wordwrapper... download it and check it out :)

Our mirrorsite on http://8op.com/sclient is down...(looks like some admin over there screwed up and formated the harddrive) and for the looks of it it will take a while before it comes up again

Version 0.6.0 released
It has been awhile since the last realese, real-life is getting to us. :)
News in this version are Toolbar, some keybindings to the menu system and a Logviewer(small Less like text editor).
There are also some other small things we have fixed redone and so on....

We have started looking on Triggers, and we also got an patch for version 0.5.2,
(Thanx to Patrik Nordebo) that will add colorediting options to the client, but it needs work, so it will not be realesed (built into a client) intill we get it working properly!
But if you would like to check it out get it from the download page!

We also have got an Mirror site up here: http://8op.com/sclient/

old news!