Guide to "Vandringsområden nordost om Huskvarna"
Hiking areas northeast of Huskvarna

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Map. Clickable map with links to the alternative areas for hiking
Hiking areas. 18 areas for hiking NE of  Huskvarna - Jönköping are presented with 196 photographies and compared regarding,
Högst tot.poäng = Highest rated all features
Närmast = Nearest to Huskvarna
Stigar/vägar = Trails/tracks, availability
Lättast terräng = Easiness for hiking
Naturskönast = Most beautiful
Vildmark = Relative wilderness
Nature. Text about the nature
Equipment. Typical needs are long trousers, watertight boots, the appropriate "Gröna kartan"-map, compass and drinking water! Buy  the "Gröna kartan" in a bookstore. You will need it.
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Download background images from Småland - the country south of the big Vättern lake. For your personal use only...
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Vandringssajten = The hiking site - this site
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The municipality of Jönköping is located south of the lake Vättern in the south of  Sweden.
Jönköping, a town from the thirteenth century, makes the centre part of the region with the smaller town, Huskvarna, just to the east. Official site,

The hiking site presents my hiking hints for the countryside NE of Huskvarna. It is illustrated with my photographies, taken with emphasis to the hiking environments.

There are no detailed route guides so you need to know how  to orientate using a map and a compass.

Rating 4 for wilderness, implies that you will feel alone, that few people have been around and  - that a mooth can appear! And if you come across a calf, go away instantly - even if it is "so sweet". Else you risk beeing attacked by her mother.

The Right of Public Access implies in a swede's  mind: You shall not leave litter around, not cut wood or branches without permission or extreme careness, not make fire on places other than well prepared for and - on no conditions - during heat-periods in the summer time. Further, you shall not walk near houses or make lots of noise in the woods, as this may frighten animals, nor shall you land your canoe at bird-islands in the early summer (prohibition signs) - you see, there are more shall-nots than rights. And finally, don't ever believe that any travel ticket includes special rights to behave otherwise!
So, let it be the swedes'  way and you surely will feel welcome back again - here is a lot of free space - seeing you!

Ref.: Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.
URL - select Nature and Public Access or Gemeingebrauch


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