Buy the cool products!

(So far this is only if you are situated in Sweden!)

Grey T-shirt with The Fuzzter backdrop-print!

Artno TS0001

Highest quality, print on chest.
One size, will fit everybody with two arms;
only 89.00 SEK!!!

Real cool, black T-shirt!

Artno TS0002

Print on chest.
M, L or XL, will fit everybody with a body;
only 100.00 SEK!!!

Real cool, black long armed T-shirt!

Artno TS0003

Same print as on T-shirt, also on the back!
M, L or XL, will fit everybody with long arms;
only 150.00 SEK!!!


Artno UP0004

Underpants for MEN, grey with same print as on the black T-shirt.
In the ass!!
No women can resist a man with Fuzzter-underpants!
One size, will fit everybody with a big d**k;
only 60.00 SEK!!!

Black Cap with The Fuzzter print!

Artno CA0005

One size, will fit everybody with a fuckin' head!
(Well, I guess two-headed persons should by two...)
only 60.00 SEK!!!

The outstanding CD "All Saints"!

Artno CD0003

only 69.00 SEK!!!

(Only in Sweden)
If your local recordstore/supermarket doesn't supply The Fuzzter products; first beat them up, then just send us a message and tell us what items, and how many copies, you want. Don't forget your address. We will only charge minimum costs (Postforskott & frakt) for shipment. Allow up to 7 businessdays for delivery.

Get your own copies and be the coolest one on your block!
Stay tuned for more Fuzzter products in the near future!