The Future!

Well what the hell are they up to now? Below we will try to reveal some of the mysterious future. We will also announce forthcoming gigs, records, videos and other happenings concerning The Fuzzter.... So stay tuned!

2000 04 11
Today I will mention the forthcoming split-single, The Fuzzter will perform two songs on one side. Witch songs haven't been It will be the usual good ol' Rock n'roll!!! After all, you know, The Fuzzter is a trademark for Sex and Drugs and Rock n'roll!!! And have they ever, or will they ever, let ya' down? No Way!!! However, I do know it will be tracks recorded at the same time as the "All Saints" CD.

On the top of the world! (Or at least on the top of a container...)

Now, perhaps you would like to know who would do the other side of this great piece of Rock n'roll?! Well, whom do you think? Who are worthy? Who dares?! Would it be Chuck Berry? Or maybe The Stones? You have to admit you are curios now?! Ok, I'll tell you, it will be none of the above mentioned, instead it will be some other good ol' friends of The Fuzzter!

The Sonic Cowboys!!! If you have been off the Rock scene for the last century or so, The Sonic Cowboys are great friends of The Fuzzter-boys; they actually inherit from the same blocks (The OxHagen), of their hometown Kalmar! This guarantee the same kind of hard, ass-kickin' Rock n'roll as The Fuzzter always been known for! So if you never heard of The Sonic Cowboys, now You have folks, and I'm sure it won't be the last time! So welcome to the rodeo!

And be sure you get yourself a copy of this forthcoming record, cuz it's bound to go down in The Rock n'roll History!!!

The Bill Haley of Punk Rock!

2000 04 01
In this summer there will be a drinking contest between The Fuzzter and The Sonic Cowboys, in order to, once and for all, settle witch of the bands that can drink the most booze in one night...This will of course be a public performance.

2000 04 13
The boys are right now rehearsing a new set, hoping to get it on the road later this year. They also have written some new material, witch I hope we will be able to hear soon. H. Lector says 'We've got songs for a triple-CD, and it's all bloody hits!'. You better believe it...

2000 05 20
July 1 The Fuzzter will play 'Run to the Sun' festival (at Öland) along with Troublemakers from Gothenburg. Who the heck needs Roskilde?

Rock n'roll!

2000 07 20
August 12 The Fuzzter will play at the X pub in Lindsdal. Be there or be a fuckin' lowlife...

2000 08 20
September 2 The Fuzzter will play in Norrliden at 'Norrlidsdagarna', known as 'The Woodstock of Norrliden'...

2000 09 01
The Sonic Cowboys has split up! Tragedy!
This summer's gig at the Run to the Sun festival was to become their last ever. For now, it seems like the planned split-single wont be out... H. Lector made this statement: "This is a sad day for the rock scene. It's a great loss for everybody into rock n'roll, and particularly for us, since the Cowboys was our friend-band and tour-mates. We have been writing a song to honour the memory of them, we hope to be able to play it live later this autumn."

2000 09 05
The Fuzzter have now booked the same studio as for the 'All Saints' recordings Jauary 2001.

The Original Guitar Hero!

2000 09 09
The summer-season is over, and I will mention some of the highlights. 1 of July the Fuzzter played the Run to the Sun festival. They opened with a new number called 'I rather be lonely', witch was really great! This was the first time ever they played this song, an appetizer for their next CD, witch is set to be recorded early next year. Then they played ten songs from the 'All Saints' cd, and 'Jack Daniels' and old favourite 'Love in Vein' as extra numbers. This probably was their best performance ever, the audience really loved them!

At august the 12, the Fuzzter went to Lindsdal, witch is a suburb north of Kalmar, to play the 'X' pub. This seems to be a skinhead-stronghold, most of the audience had no hair... Anyway, the Fuzzter played their longest set ever, nearly an hour. Most of the songs from the CD, the earlier mentioned 'I rather be lonely' + two more new numbers. One of them called 'Gimme everything' is a rather 'popish' tune, with a guitar-riff that really goes to your head. A typical radio-hit! The other one, 'Keepin' up the spirit of Rock n'roll' is a more traditional heavy rock-number. The new songs are even better then the songs on the 'All Saints' CD, I guess their next CD will be a real hit! Another great gig by the boys!

September the 2, this time the Fuzzter played in Norrliden, (the last outdoor-gig this season), a less fashionable suburb, then Lindsdal. The audience had longer hair and the atmosphere was much friendlier. All day the rain had been pouring, but just in time it stopped! The gods too must love the Fuzzter! This time the boys opened with a new instrumental intro, really cool, then they played the same set as at the Lindsdal-gig. Yet another great gig!

This is the beginning of the indoor season, and a lot of Fuzzter gig's coming up!


2000 09 10
You who were at the Fuzzter-gig in Norrliden, may have noticed that the gig was being filmed. The intension is to document as much gigs and other happenings as possible, and then put it all together as 'Fuzzter the Movie'! H. Lector says that this is a long term project, not sceduled to be finished until spring 2002. A guy named Steven, known as 'The Ingmar Bergman of Punkrock' is the director. The Fuzzter goes to Hollywood?!

2000 09 13
The first indoor-gig this season! The boys played almost the same program as the last couple of gigs. Another great performance! The new song called 'Seven' just gets better and better every time I hear it! Also this gig was being filmed, can't wait to see the picture where H. Lector is actually climbing on a guy in the audience! (I think it was Kenny of the sadly disbanded Sonic Cowboys...) And it's all on video, maaaan!!!

At 'The House'.

2000 10 01
At last the Fuzzter will be doing not one, but two videos for the 'All Saints' cd! I've heard it will be 'Vampire Woman' and 'No drugs are too heavy'. Live-pictures will be shot at the gig at Skälby 07/10, and on one more occasion, yet not decided. So get invited to the Skälby-gig, (you need an invitation to get in), go there and maybe you can watch yourself on video later on! By the way, some girls from Växjö are known to produce those videos.

2000 10 11
You should have been there! Remember I told you! This was really great The boys where at the best and did one of there greatest gigs ever! They played for almost an hour including extranumber 'We are the Fuzzter', witch hasn't been heard for a long time. Lots of cameras all over, since this was being filmed both for Fuzzter the Movie and for the videos I mentioned before. This was also the first time they performed 'The Dead Cowboys', the anthem to the Sonic Cowboys live. A great tune, a bit like classic 'Jack Daniels saved my life', witch by the way, they haven't played live for a long time. Wonder why? Anyway, I spotted some of the x-cowboys in the audience, and they really seemed touched.

2000 10 14
Next friday 20/10 will the Boys will play yet another gig, this time at 'Kåren', The Fuzzter will play along with another band. (From Stockholm, I've forgot the name, who cares...) Also to this gig you will need a special invitation. I've heard it should be almost impossible to get in... Well, I guess that you just have to lay the right person...

And we mean it, maaaan....

2000 10 18
Late November, 25 I think, The Fuzzter will play at a Bikerclub in Läckeby (The Daltons). Hope to bring ya more info later, at this point I'm not even sure it's a public arrangement... Otherwise there ain't much Fuzzter-gigs coming up, since the boys are busy rehearshing new material for the next cd.

2000 10 21
Astounding news! Jock has left the band! Yesterday's gig at 'Kåren' was his final performance with the Fuzzter. Who will replace him is, of course, not yet decided. H.Lector made a statement earlier this morning:

"Jock left the band due to lack of motivation. If you're not committed to 100% you can't be in a band like The Fuzzter. This will not affect neither booked gigs, nor the recording of the next cd. It's business as usual. We have already established The Fuzzter as a trademark for Sex, Drugs and Rock n'roll, The Fuzzter is a lifestyle and a movement, witch is unstoppable and will virtually last forever. Thousands of people are participating and who, for the moment, is playing the drums, or anything, is not that important, we are all just small parts of a hilarious organism. "

So now you know... Anyway the gig was a strong one, a worthy farewell-gig for Jock. They did 'Jack Daniels' and 'Country Heart', otherwise it was about the same program as 'Skälby' the other night.

The 'Fan of the Year' competition seems to be a two-man-race between X-Sonic-Kenny and Steven-The-Ingmar-Bergman-of-punkrock. I belive Kenny is leading since he have seen 8 Fuzzter-gigs, but Steven is a close runner-up, with only two gigs less!

Sing it!

2000 11 04
Hello again, you Fuzzter-people around the globe! Here's some really good news for ya'! The boys are currently rehearsing a new drummer! H. Lector describes him as "A hard-hitter with the right attitude". I bring ya' more info, (and pictures of course), as soon as possible.. First gig with the new lineup will be November 25, Daltons mc-club. (Those guys are real mean outlaw-bikers, maaaaaan!)

...and some more good news! X-Sonic-Kenny and X-Sonic-Janne, have found a guitarist, (a former member of The Metaldogs), and are now rehearsing new material. H.Lector, (who've been secretly listening behind doors), says "It sounded like a good piece of rock n' roll". Well, well, well, maybe we finally can have the drinking-contest, The Sonic Cowboys Vs. The Fuzzter, witch was sceduled to take place earlier this year?

2000 11 17
More news! 'Evil Emil', known from Warcollaps, and KOR, has joined X-Sonic-Kenny and the other boys in, the band now known as The Stuck-ups, on guitar and vocals.

Today it's just a week until the first Fuzzter-gig with new drummer. We heard he should be a worthy descendent to Jock. We receive a lot of mail from Fuzzter-people out there, who are concerned about what happened to Jock. There are even rumours around that he should be dead. As far as I know, he's living in wealth and prosperity. I've been told that he is, once again, back in the movie-business, and ya' know what I mean...

2000 11 28
The gig at Daltons this Saturday was a real monster! The new drummer proved to be a great improvment, the band sounded tighter and better then ever before. They played for almost one hour and did three new numbers witch all sounded great! The audience went wild and really seemed to love them. Despite some bouncing on microphones and stuff like that, the crowd was quite well behaving, I only spotted one fight during the whole gig. I really hope there will be more gigs soon, but since the boys are buzy preparing material for the next CD, we may have to wait untill after christmas...

Fan-of-the-year competition: Since both X-Sonic-Kenny and Steven-the-Ingmar-Bergman-of-Punkrock, were there, Kenny is still leading by two gigs (9-7).

   Go out there and spray the walls!

Stay tuned for more news in the near future, pussyeaters!!!