The Fuzzter Story!

Who are thoose mean, asskickin', hardrockin', butfuckin' guys!? And were do they come from!? From Hell!? Or perhaps from Mars!? Are they realy human!? Well, I guess you all are nearly dying to hear the whole story, so here it comes!

Upper row: Butch and Mr Clean, middle row: Jock,
bottom row: Punk and Mr Lector

The Fuzzter was formed early 1999 in the small town of Kalmar in the southern part of Sweden. Never heard of? I couldn't say I'm surprised! This is not the Rock city of Sweden! Actually it's a very small and dull town, were you're bound to get suffocated if you would stay too long! The only thing we ever will remember about this place is, in fact, them Fuzzter-boys!

The very first line-up included Punk (base and vocals), Butch (guitar) and Mr Clean, who, at this stage, was playing drums (!) A man of many talents! Soon they discovered they needed more members in order to create maximum Rock n'roll. H. Lector, known from the late 80's band 'Ewing Oil', wich also included Butch, was recruted to take over most of the leadvocals from Punk. After a couple of month rehersal the boys were ready to take off, and begin their march towards The Hall of Fame of Rock!!!

The early gigs often took place at biker clubs, and the band quickly picked up a local following. Some of the songs on the "All Saints" CD were played even at the very first gig! Numbers like "Blowjob Babies", "Lipstick" and "We are The Fuzzter" became early live-favourits.

The late summer of 1999 saw a new member entering the band: GLenny, (Yes, he likes to spell it that way, rock stars ya' know...), who also played in punk act 'KOR' together with Punk, was in on guitar. Without doubt this developed The Fuzzter into a more melodic style, many of the songs on the "All Saints" CD was written in this period. Live the band became even louder and harder with two guitars, and occasionally they still played the early hits on stage.


In the autumn of 99' the boys went into studio in order to record their first ever record. 8 songs were recorded with the same producer as later produced the "All Saints" CD. Unfortunally GLenny decided to leave the group shortly after, in order to move to africa (!) Yes, it's true! Tired of the hard Rock n'roll-cirkus, the often tiresome life on the road he decided to take a break.

The recordings haven't been released yet, and perhaps they never will, (though H. Lector says it's a "fuckin' great recording"... Well lucky enough, all the songs has later been re-recorded and 6 of them are on the "All Saints" CD, and I guess the remaining songs "Cry Baby" and live favourite "I am the one your mother warned You of" are bound to be released any day!

Mr Lector himself

Well what about the band? Would they continue with only one guitar? As you probably already know, Jock (also from 'KOR') took over on the drums, and Mr Clean became Guitar-hero! They all went back in the studio in the early 2000 and recorded the great "All Saints" CD!

And that's the story so far! Keep checking out for updates cuz, after all, this is only the beginning! To get updated; check out the News!