We get a lot of mail from you Fuzzter-people out there! On this page we will try to show you some of what we get, so keep sending us mail, anything you wannt! It could be drawings, pictures of yourself, abuse... ANYTHING!

We got a mail from a fan who is going to get this cool tattoo! Thats a real good idea! Mr Clean, who is The Tattoo-king, says he's considering to put it on he's own back! (Well, if there's any empty space left, that is...)

We got a real cool picture of himself and another fan, from a guy named 'Nenne'. Keep rockin', Nenne!

And don't ya' forget The-Fan-of-the-year-competition! Mr X-Sonic-Kenny is in the lead, but anyone out there can still win! Do something extreme, let us know about it, and YOU could be the winner! There are some really nice prices; the winner gets a backstagepass to a Fuzzter-gig, and will spend the evening with the boys, free booze included!!!