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Siberian puppies

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Puppies from Zero´s Houston U.( Zero´s Brew x Zero´s Rory ) x unisak´s Jagna
e ( tupilaks trapper u.(zero´s Brew x zero´s flutter )) x unisak´s greta u.
(unisak´s pirat U. igloo pak´s snow bandit x unisak´s steja )
x snow trails they will be born 20/10-99
for more info pleas send us an e-mail


After exellent sleedog´s, line breed on igloo pak´s snow bandit and snowtrail´s harris.
mother is my main leader se has run for me in two year´s she is after
Unisak´s pirat(igloo pak´s snow bandit u. unisak´s steja) x gerbergäredet´s indiana u.
(tixie´s joe x chamsin´s sonare il maracas). the father is my next leader he is after
wolftribe´s kloker u.( finnemarka´s guy x vicky) x unisak´s jagna u.(tuppilak´s trapper
x unisak´s greta) see the pedigreeof the puppies on the team 1 page
fugitive´s gus or indian.for more info email us.


Fugitive´s racing siberian