Breeding is an art where you mix knowledge whit feeling
and experianc. You need to have genetics bias to stand on.
It isn't that easy like it looks, many people thinks its
only to take there best bitch and try to find a good stud to line breed on.
In this way we are going to lower our goal to develop the siberian.
People need to put in more effort when they choose the material for breeding,
they need to know what they want to achieve whit the breeding.
if you line breed on a specily dog yoou need to know which
characteristics you want to preserve from the dog.
You can breed in three different ways in race breed.
random breed,inbreed and breeding after similarity.the beginign are
litel difuse beucose randombreed
reqiuar random selection.
but whit inbreed you can breed whit or whit out selection.
breedingafter similarity reqiars selection.

inbreed can divides into three types --- closely related,
group and line breed. closely related breed:
inbreed has embarrassed effect only when it used in closed related breed.
a simpel roule to keep in mind is that breeding on closer distance
than tre leads those not lead toan increase of inbreeds degree,
even in the long run, that no special caution is needed.

group breed: this art of breeding is in all simplicity
a system ther yoou split a race in to two or more groups.
then you keep the groups apart. whit this way you automaticly achieve
some inbreed. howe strong it will be depends on the size of the groups.

linebreed: linebreed is the moste common used method in dog breeding.
in this way you systematlicly breed dogs with a certen bloodline,
whit a common grandfather/mother frequent in diffrent place in thepedigree.
linebreed is the foundation for all successfully purebreeds.

breeding after similarity:

at a matings after similarity the test result
establish the breeding work direktly and you will give up to systemise matnings
on an outher way than work whit the best dogs. in the dog breeding to day
this is the most common system. of natrural risens the best animals are
often closed related. in practis you
schould limit the most
unwanted related breedings.


Fugitive´ s racing Siberian

( källa: att lyckas med hundavel P-E Sundgren)