Visit the new site of the Jonas Hellborg Art Metal Trio at

After an intense German-French tour the Art Metal Trio are now working on a ground-breaking album which will be out later this year on Bardo Music. Don't miss!

Check out the tune Leal Souvenir from Mumbai on video with IA and Hellborg here (8,94 mb).

This year's Freak Guitar Camp is completely full but if you are interested in a waiting list spot please write to:

The Cooking blog is updated with tales (and tons of photos) from the roads of India and Sweden! Read the brand new chapters:

Viking Weekend
Cooking in India
Live in Delhi
What else?
Hotter Than Hell in Mumbai
Nut Freezing Time

Also check out the new, stimulating chapters from the recent travels to Los Angeles and Mexico City:

City of Tiny Lights
Anaheim Feet Pain
Burrito Boy in Mexico City
Ca Ca Con Leche

Happy reading!

New interview in Shred Planet!

The Freak Brothers and I had a ball in India! Thank you so much for you stunning support, friends. See you soon again.

New Delhi


Sink your freaky teeth into (and JOIN) the new religion called "Mattiasology"! From the creator of the "Adventures of Mattias IA Eklundh" comes THE GRAND CHURCH OF FREAKINESS! Hilarious stuff!

What's in the CD-player?, Guitar Hero Stuff as well as the Wanking page have been updated.

I wish to deeply thank everyone who supported Jonas Hellborg and moi's recent tour in India as well as Mexico! I had an absolutely stunning time and look forward to be back soon! Read the beefy Cooking - The Mother of All Updates weblog and other freaky tales on

Jonas Hellborg Group lurking in the dark alleys of Hollywood...

New Apple Horn model in the making! Caparison Guitars has once again outdone themselves in building me a stunning instrument: the Apple Horn HGS (Heavy Gauge Strings)! Proud to the bone as usual. The guitar is outstanding for playing beefy, tuned down songs like Chest Pain Waltz, Look Bored, Propaganda Pie, e t c. For technical specifications, please check out the Apple Horn page. Available in May.

The one, missing album in your freak collection, my first solo release (without a single note of guitar!) Mr Libido, Sensually Primitive, that hasn't been available for years is now finally seeing the light of day again in a brand new pressing! The CD, an outrageous lo-fi techno parody, will available on upcoming gigs and later on via the Freak Store online. Sensually Primitive includes the following tracks:

1. The Serious Musician 2. How are we feeling today? 3. Big Ugly Secret 4. Daddy´s box of no-no´s 5. Your left arm 6. Train leaves at 04:00 7. Techno Moron 8. Not that kind of bird 9. Herbert the Pervert 10. Dead on Arrival 11. Sit on my face 12. I thought it was a horse 13. Hard to the core 14. Sensually primitive 15. Bite of King

Organic, the new Freak Kitchen album, is out in the open, spreading throughout the planet. Swedes (dist. Bonnier Amigo), the Danish (dist. Universal), the Finnish (dist. Bonnier Amigo), Norwegians (dist. Bonnier Amigo), the French (dist. Replica Records), the English (dist. Proper Music), the Japanese (dist. JVC/Victor Entertainment) and the Spanish (dist. Avispa) can now sink their teeth into the album.

On Organic, we're joined by the amazing Bumblefoot on vocals and guitar on the track "Speak When Spoken To". We have also shot a video for the track which is feautured on a special, first printing bonus DVD. The DVD also includes three exclusive live clips from Paris ("Hateful Little People", "Taste my Chopstick") and Montpellier ("Blind") + the "Nobody's Laughing" and "Print This!"-videos.

The cover painting is made by fabulous French expressionist Thierry Cardinet.

Swedes can place their order at The rest of Scandinavia can order from Excellent site Guitar Nine ships worldwide, buy at

UK's Total Guitar wrote: "Any good? Imagine Steve Vai, Jimi Hendrix, Devin Townsend and Frank Zappa feeding each other acid in a sauna. Throw in a few Wylde-style pinch harmonics, a heart attack, an Italian dictator, wall to wall distortion and a barklingly catchy, rap-metal influenced first single, and you're close to acheiving Freak Kitchen's avant-garde brand of spazz jazz metal. If the Alice in Chains-meets-Offspring simplicity of the songs doesn't win you over then Eklundh's rococo guitar style will have you reaching for the rewind button".

Guitarist wrote: "Eklundh and pals on the brink of genuine greatness"! ****

Yes, it's finally happening! The Apple Horn Orange and the Apple Horn Sandstone, my splendid signature models by Caparison Guitars, are now available for everyone on planet Earth.

Interested in buying one? Write to

Apple Horn Orange

Posing my brains out together with my French dog Maya at a men's clothing commerical. Now, is this really guitar hero kind of activities? I don't know. Got me a nice tailor made smoking though...

For all of you who have written and asked about my sound, I have put together a simple "map" on how to turn the knobs on the Laney amplifiers I use. Go here (Apple Horn).

Finally, finally, finally we can announce freaky music will be heard in the UK in 2006! There will be a gig the 27th of September in Cardiff, Wales at The Point and also, just confirmed, Nottingham at The Rescue Rooms the 28th, Leeds, Hard Rock Café the 2nd of October + clinic at B I M M in Brighton the 3rd of October!

There will also be a Freak Guitar Clinic at Hockley Music Academy in Nottingham 1 PM the 28th.

We plan to build a beefy UK tour from this with both concerts and clinics. More news soon. (Suggestions if you think we should come to your town, venues, e t c, can be sent to Mik Gaffney at our British record company Proper Music).

Tickets to Hard Rock Cafe in Leeds can be bought from the Ticket Line: 0113 200 1310 or at the venue.

Tickets to the Cardiff show can be found at the following places:

Tickets to the Nottingham show can be bought from the venue this very moment!

There is a beefy Russian tour under planning in October. We will play the Music Moscow fair the 13th of October. More dates will be announced soon.

Thrilled to play the ProgPower festival in Atlanta, USA the 15th of September.

We'll headline this year's Raismesfest in France September 9th. IA will do a clinic in Valenciennes the 17th of June and the 5-6th of July in Tours as well.

The Sa Costa Barrakes festival in Blanes/Barcelona, Spain has been confirmed the 21st of July.

Thank you India for kicking serious butt! We had a ball in Delhi and Mumbai and promise to be back soon! We also would like to thank our fellow fantastic Swedes for making us feel downright tiptop in Västerås and Örebro right before the trip to India as well the recent sold-out gig in Borås as well as Borlänge, Linköping, Sommersted and the Rock the Boat trip!

Check out the debut album of my far beyond gifted friend Petrus. Petrus is truly a unique artist with a highly personal touch and integrity. The song writing is top-notch and the man possesses divine vocals cords.
The album is called Come What Might and is produced and recorded by yours truly in the Apple Horn Abusement facilities. Freak Brother Björn is playing the drums (I play a few notes here and there as well) and the record is mixed by the groovy Roberto Laghi. The album is released by Playground Music in Scandinavia the 27th of March. For a sneak preview, visit Petrus' site at Place your order at

Freak Guitar articles in French Guitar Part!

Great, funny new review in Guitar Player! Go to Wanking! Kick ass review in Guitar One as well!

Had a ball jamming with Steve Vai on stage during his current tour recently. Check out more photos from the show at Wanking.

Groovy to be on the cover of Spain's Guitarra Actual with my big, Swedish face!

"Freak Guitar - The Road Less Traveled" out worldwide now! Get it here.

Favored Nations released it in the US, Canada, Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, Australia, New Zeeland and elsewhere August 23rd 2005.

Visit for more information, tour dates, mp3-clips, e t c

Read Ken Sharp's brand new bio here.

The album has so far been released in Japan (JVC/Victor Entertainment), France (NTS/Replica Records. Click here to buy) and Scandinavia (Bonnier Amigo in Sweden, Finland and Norway, Universal Music in Denmark. Click here or here to buy), England (Proper Music Click here to buy) and Spain (Avispa Music).

The new CD is about an hour long and contains the following tunes:

1. The Road Less Traveled, 2. There's No Money in Jazz, 3. Print This!, 4. Father, 5. No Strings Attached, 6. Caffeine, 7. Fletch Theme, 8. The Battle of Bob, 9. Chopstick Boogie, 10. Toxic Donald, 11. Happy Hour, 12. Smoke on the Water, 13. Insert Coin, 14. The Woman in Seat 27A, 15. Ketchup is a Vegetable, 16. Samba Caramba, 17. White Trash Hyper Blues, 18. Toxic Mickey, 19. Minor Swing, 20. One-String Improvisation, 21. Asteroid 3834, 22. Little Bastard, 23. Difficult Person Music

The fabulous artist Anders Nyberg has outdone himself once again on the cover.

Cool to be on the cover of Italian Axe magazine a second time!

For all of you who write to me and ask about that way the guitar is tuned on the various albums in the freak catalogue I have put together the Tunings page to help out.

Amazing news from the UK! "Freak Guitar - The Road Less Traveled" was Album of the Month in a recent issue of Guitar Techniques and got a serious ***** review! Kerrang gave the CD some KKKK and Powerplay 7/7! I am stunned and very grateful.

As if this wasn't enough the album also got + + + + in UK's Guitarist!

Now how about this: "Eklundh's ear for melody is spot on, even during his most avant-garde moments, and an insane cover of Smoke on the Water is just the tip the iceberg. Faster than Malmsteen, smoother than Michael Lee Firkins and, dammit, better than Vai - this is undoubtedly the future of this style of guitar playing".

In the December issue of the magazine there are none less than two interactive CDs featuring my zany playing! Hail to England!