Here Iīm going to write about my Amazon. The car is known as Volvo 122s for the rest of the world cause there was a german moped with the name Amazon, but in Sweden itīs known as Amazon. I could sit and write forever storys about how I built this car but Iīm still doing modifictions to it so I donīt have alot of time to spend in front of the computer. If you are interested in the car feel free to mail me from the index page.

I started out in 1989 when I bought a Amazon with a chopped top.It was siting in front of a shop I passed everyday going to work. The porpose was to have it as summer car with a supercharged B20 and hydraliks. I even built a maniflod for cabin supercharger from a swedish military aircraft. But I didnīt start out until -94 and then the plans had changed "somewhat".

The plan was to build a custom that had all the options, the road handling and engine as a new car of to day has. Iīm almost there but a custom is never finished!

I wided the car 15cm,6 in, in the middle and chopped 7,5 cm, 3in.The bumpers is moved 10cm ,4in, to the ground front and back. Trim and handles are gone. Head and tail lights are frenched, not the cumon way they are moved into the fenders intead of stretching the fenders. Itīs my opinion that one should use the stock lines of a car when you customize it, not cut it to pieces.....

Interor picture from Elmia -98.

The engine that was in it from the begining was pretty good. I used it in my Ford Transit that I built for transporting cars(on an other page).

Summer -94 I started to take it apart and put it a stand where I could rotate it 360. Itīs much esier to sand blast and weld that way..

I cut the car in the middle til the backseat. There I cut it to the front edge of the wheel wells, which I wided 7,5 cm, 3 in, on each side. So the car wasnīt cut in two pieces but in three. Behind the wheel wells I put a battery on each side. Dad shouck his head and mom just laugued. Maybe it was funny to see the car in three halfs.

Doing some milling on oil channels.

CNC machining some part. The machine is a Modig 20000rpm HSM mill. Itīs 6 years old now and on the way out.


I think this picture is from Febuary -96. Two month later it won 1st price in itīs class at Elmia in Jonkoping, the biggest show in Europe for customs. The rear window is front window from a Saab V4. Itīs cut 15cm, 6in, in the lower end. The upper and sides are Saab but the lower end is stock, and the radius fits like a glove. I donīt think it would work a standard width Amazon. Maybe if one cut the sides of the glass. If ainīt lead it ainīt custom. But after 3 paint jobs I wonīt use it again. It makes a mess out of the paint used today.

My dad stopped shacking his head but he still thinks I never going to finish it. The trim round the head light is from WV type 1 and the head lights are moved back into the fender.

Here you can see how I did the top. The middle is from an other roof, the seam is aprox 25cm, 10 in, from the outside. Thatīs how far I can reach with my spot welder. If you need to know more, you just donīt need to know more..

When it was time for the paint job every painter I talk to said that it wouldnīt matter if they would put 5 guys on the job it wouldnīt be ready til the show anyway. So I did it my self. It was a bitch. I was going to collage at this time, an hour a way, but I finished school with out problems. We put up plastic in the garage and painted it the weekend before the show. 04:00 sunday morning to be exact. Dad stod in the doorway and talked to me all the time so I wouldnīt fall a sleep painting it. I had sleept 2 hours every night for 4 week so I wasnīt on top. I got too much dust and shit in the paint but the body was straight so I menage to make the local painter to put a new coat of paint on. The same guy told me 3 weeks earlier that it would take 5 guys 2 month to paint the car.

After some presuetion we got the windows to fit and got it to the show. It was empty inside, the rest of the car was at home in . the garage


The week before the show my friends started to show up and I donīt know if I would have made it without them. The guy in the middle left his girlfriend and new born at the hospital. He missed the party on the friday but he was happy anyway. Party by the way parties, first the party at Elmia, where I and some other guys won gold for SHRA Jonkoping (some silly games). Then we went out downtown. When they closed, the guy to the right had enogh. so his girlfriend , the guy to the left and I took a taxi to my friends motorcykel club, Moon riders and partyed on til 07:00. Then we took a taxi back to Elmia presusaued the guard to let us in to buff the car. At this time I was in the board for SHRA Jonkping and had to work alot so sleep was a unknown concept.

After Elmia I took the car apart, but the insperation was on top.

The leagal inspection was made first of November -96, the date of my 25 year old birthday, with out problems. Then I had a 25 year crises for like 10 hours wich was followed by hangover of course. Due to total lack of economy I couldnīt drive much -97. My biggest problem was that I had used pistons with to small diameter in the front and they couldnīt lift the car when all the stuff was in it. I had almost given up when one day the pressure regulatur failed and car was doing exactly as was expected. First longer trip was when I went down to Emmaboda (4 hours) to drag race with the car. The throttle wire unhooked, something it havenīt done before or after, murpys law? Then a thin piece of a piston jamed a hight regulator wich made it quited interesting to drive home. But I out ran a Volvo 240 turbo on the way home. The picture is taken in Oslo, Norway, the weekend after, the end of may -98. By the way I use hydropenuatic suspension from Citroen. For the ones who are interested Iīm going to put some links to sites about that subject..

First price and Mellbergstipendium at Vallakra -98.

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