Who's Who in Dorita Fairlie Bruce?

Characters in the Dimsie, St. Bride's, Maudsley, and Springdale books, School on the Moor and School in the Woods

Compiled by Eva M. Löfgren

Characters from the rest of her books will be included later.

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Miss Adams, Springdale 5, Archeology lecturer
Mrs Adams, Dimsie 7 (postmistress in Lochside)
Agatha Berkeley, Dimsie 5-6, Prefect
Alice Craven, Springdale 1-3, VI, Rowans, Prefect, House games captain (Jenny's sister)
Alison Ingram, Springdale 4, VI, House captain Wistaria
Alma Sinclair, Dimsie 4, 4th Div.; 8, Prefect, Games captain
Althea Stoddart, St. Bride's 2, L IV; Maudsley 3, U V ; 4; 5, Prefect, librarian
Amaryllis Rutherford (see Ryllis)
Amy Hammerton, Moor, L V
Angela Stephen, Maudsley (Larkiston House, Barbara's cousin, Major Stephen's niece)
Angus, Springdale, Boatman
Angus, Dimsie 9 (boatman? at Kilaidan)
Anne Willoughby, Springdale 1-3, U III, Rowans; 4, Wistaria, L V; 5, Prefect; 6, House captain (Peggy's sister)
Antoinette Semple (see Tony)
Phil Arnold, Moor (Friend of Hugh Musgrave)
Miss Ashley, Moor, Head mistress
Miss Austin, Dimsie 2 (Secretary of St. Elstrith Tennis Club)

Lady Bainbridge, Maudsley (Phyllis' mother)
Miss Bainbridge (see Phyllis Bainbridge)
Barbara Stephen, Maudsley, 2-3, L V; 5, UV (Angela's cousin, Major Stephen's daughter)
Mr Barrett (Mortimer), Moor (Toby's father, painter)
Barty, Dimsie 7 (see Pritchard)
Dr Beale, Dimsie 7 (Doctor in Dunkirnie)
Beata Morison, Springdale 3, VI
Beatrix Everton (seeToffee)
Miss Beaufort, Maudsley 5, Games mistress, Form mistress L II
Bee Le Mesurier, Maudsley 2-3, Larkiston, Guildry
Bella, Springdale 5, Maid
Miss Bennet, St. Bride's
Bertha Edgely, Dimsie 6 (Shop girl, Girls' Guildry)
Beryl Wingfield, Moor, 8-9 yrs, II; Woods, St. Githa's, U III (Kathleen's sister)
Bess Falconer, Springdale 1, U III; 5-6, House captain Rowans
Bessie, Springdale 5, Tweenie
Beth Hawthorn (see Elizabeth)
Colonel Beton, Dimsie 9 (Primula's and Priscilla's father)
Betty Grey, Dimsie 1-2, 3rd Div.; 3, 2nd Div. (Ursula's cousin)
Betty Muffet, St. Bride's 2, V
Bianca Jane (Bijah) Allen, Maudsley 5, L III; St. Bride's 3, L IV
Biddy Cochrane, St. Bride's 3, L IV
Bill (see Miss Wilson)
Bill Ford, Maudsley 5 (Enid's and Elsie's brother)
Bill Gilmour, Dimsie 9 (4 yrs, Dimsie's and Peter's son, Daffy's brother)
Mr Blackett (Justin), Maudsley (former actor (father of Olivia, Celia, Rosalind, Desda and Miranda)
Blanche Angier, St. Bride's 1, IV; 2, Prefect (Gertrude's sister)
Blanche Henderson, Maudsley 2, L V
Bob Hughes, Dimsie (Brother of Pamela and Jim)
Mr Borrow, Maudsley 5 (film director)
Dr Brackley, Maudsley 2, Lady doctor, teaches first aid
Brenda Lawson, Maudsley 1, L V; 3-4, U V; 5, VI (Gertie's sister)
Brown, St. Bride's 1 (Caretaker Inchbeg)
Miss Brown, Springdale 5 (Faith's governess)
Lieut. Burnet (see Robin Burnet)
Burrows, Dimsie 9 (Coastguard)

Mr Caird, Alec, Maudsley 1 (Nancy's father)
Miss Caldwell, St. Bride's, Headmistress
Carolyn Gordon (see Lintie)
Carolyn Orde, Dimsie 7 (Lintie's mother, sister of Kenneth, married to Derrick Gordon)
Miss Carver, Dimsie 6 (Lady in St. Elstrith's)
Catherine Voker, St. Bride's 2, L V
Cecil Fairbanks, Woods, Grange, Prefect
Cecil Hepworth, Dimsie 1-2, 1st Div.
Celia Blackett, Maudsley 1-2, 16 yrs, U V; 3-4, VI (Rosalind's twin, sister of Olivia, Desda and Miranda)
Celia Morse, Springdale 4, L V, Wistaria; 6, VI, House prefect (Formerly St. Tabitha's)
Charity Sheringham, Maudsley 1-4, prefect, VI, Prefect, vice games captain; Tibs Cross
Charlotte (Charlie) Truscott, St. Bride's 1, IV, Cherry Room; 2, Head Girl; 3, Junior matron
Cherry Arnot, Springdale 2, U IV, Rowans
Christine Maclean, St. Bride's 1, IV, Cherry Room; 2, Prefect, Sports captain (Morag's sister)
Claire Evary, Dimsie 5-6, Junior; 8, 2nd Div.; Springdale 2 (Rae Merchiston's cousin)
Clemency (Clem) Walton, Maudsley 5, VI, Prefect
Colter (Tom), Woods, Spy (Friend of Michael Connor)
Connor (Michael), Woods (Nell's brother, spy)
Constance (Consie) Reid, Madusley 3, U V, Form games captain; 4-5, VI, Prefect
Coral Danesbury, Dimsie 8, Prefect
Miss Coston, Woods
Cynthia Deane, St. Bride's 1, VI, Prefect

Daffodil (Daffy) Gilmour, Dimsie 9 (5 yrs, Dimsie's and Peter's daughter, Bill's sister)
Daisy Milne, Dimsie 1-2, Prefect
Daisy Moore, Springdale, Larches, Former prefect
Mr Danks, Dimsie 7 (pier-master in Lochside)
Daphne Maitland, Dimsie 1-2, Senior prefect (Dimsie's cousin)
Daphne Isabel Maitland, (see Dimsie)
Miss Darrel, Dimsie 1, Retiring headmistress
Davie, Dimsie 9 (old boatman)
Davie, Springdale 4, Gardener
Mr Dean, Springdale 3, Arts master
Delila Campbell, Woods, South House, Prefect, Head of house
Miss Dennis, Maudsley 5, form mistress VI
Derrick (Jerry, Derry) Gordon, Dimsie (Mona's and Jean's brother, Lintie's father, married 1. Carolyn Orde, 2. Erica Innes)
Desda (Desdemona) Blackett, Maudsley 1, 14 yrs, L V; 3-4, U V; 5, VI; St. Bride's 3, VI (sister of Olivia, Celia, Rosalind, Miranda)
Diana Stewart, Springdale 1-3, VI, Rowans, School prefect; 3, House captain; 5, Games mistress (Later married to Morris Kersey)
Dick Evary, Springdale 2 (Rae Merchiston's cousin, Claire's brother)
Dick Trevor, Woods (Jane's brother, chemist, later married to Toby)
Dickie Gordon, Dimsie 9 (4 years, Erica's and Derrick's son, Mona's brother, Lintie's half brother)
Dimsie (Daphne Isabel) Maitland, Dimsie 1,10 yrs, 4th Div.; 2, 3rd Div.; 3, 2nd Div.; 4, Prefect, 17 yrs; 5-6, Head girl (Daphne's cousin, later married to Peter Gilmour)
Dinah Wilson, Dimsie 8, 11 yrs, 4th Div.
Dolly Ansell, Dimsie 5-6, U 2nd Div.; 8, Prefect
Dorcas Alderson, Springdale 1, Senior, Rowans; 3, Prefect; 4, School librarian
Doria Davenport, Springdale 4, Rowans, School games captain
Dorinda Earle, Moor, VI, Prefect, Games captain
Doris Frost, Maudsley 1, Larkiston Junior
Doris Paterson, Springdale 4, Larches, House games captain
Dorothy Dixon, Springdale, VI
Dorothy Hart, Dimsie 2, Westover school, (4, Vicar's daughter, leader Girls' Guildry)
G. Dow, Springdale 5 (Caretaker Seaward Vault)
Miss Duff, St. Bride's
Dugald, St. Bride's (Farmhand Inchbeg)
Miss Dunham, Woods, Dairy mistress, Spy
Grannie Dunn (see Grannie)

Miss Edgar, Dimsie, Senior mistress
Edith, Moor, L V
Edith Milne, Dimsie 4, Prefect
Effie Briarley, Springdale 5, Junior, Wistaria
Effie Thorburn, St. Bride's 2, IV; 3, VI, Sports captain
Miss Egerton, Springdale
Eileen Crane, Maudsley 3, U V; 5, VI
Eily Hargraves, St. Bride's 2, L V; 3, VI, Prefect
Eleanor Styles, Maudsley 4, VI
Elfrida (Elfie) Rossall, Moor, II; Woods, St. Githa's, U III
Elizabeth Hawthorn, St. Bride's 1, VI, Head girl; Maudsley 1-5 (Mary's sister, Nancy Caird's aunt, later married to Major Stephen)
Ella Moultrie, Springdale 4, Wistaria, Prefect, Formerly St. Tabitha's
Elma Cuthbert, Maudsley 1-3, U V; 4-5, U V, Form games-captain
Elsie Ford, Maudsley 5, L III (Enid's and Bill's sister)
Elsie Jones, Maudsley 2, Larkiston junior, Guildry
Elsie Pratt, Dimsie 1, 2nd Div.
Elspeth Gardiner, Springdale 3, VI, School House, School prefect
Miss Eltham, Maudsley 1 (Nancy's governess?)
Miss Elton (see Lena)
Enid Ford, Maudsley 3, U V; 5, VI, prefect (Elsie's and Bill's sister)
Enid Robertson, Dimsie 6
Enid Walton, Woods, VI, South House, Games captain, House prefect (Wanda's sister)
Erica Innes, Dimsie 1, 4th Div.; 2,12 yrs, 3rd Div.; 3, 2nd Div.; 4, Head girl (Later married to Derrick Gordon)
Essie Hill, Maudsley 2, L V; 4-5, U V (Lois's sister)
Esther, Maudsley 1 (Mrs Hawthorne's maid)
Ethel Stafford, Dimsie 5, L 2nd Div.; 6, U 2nd Div.
Ethne Dare, Springdale 5, School House
Eunice Hornby, Springdale 1-3, VI, Laburnums, School prefect, School games captain
Miss Eustace (Katherine), Maudsley 4 (Actress)
Sergeant Evans, Dimsie 6, Former drill master
Evelyn Berridge, Springdale 2, Middles, Rowans
Evelyn Thomas, Dimsie 2, 2nd Div.
Miss Eversley, Dimsie, Music mistress
Miss Eversham, Maudsley, Secretary
Miss Ewell (see Lenore)

Miss Fabian, Springdale, Music mistress
Faith Kersey, Springdale 5-6, U IV, Wistaria (Stepdaughter of Diana Stewart)
Mrs Falcon, Maudsley 2 (Barbara Stephen's maternal aunt)
Miss Fane, Woods, Form mistress U III
Fearnelith Macpherson, Springdale 4, L V Wistaria, Formerly St. Tabitha's; 6, VI, House precfect
Fenella Postletwaite, Dimsie 3,16 yrs,1st Div.
Mr Flannigan, Woods (Millionaire)
Miss Fleming, Dimsie, Arts mistress
Flora Winter, Springdale 4, VI, Wistaria, Formerly St. Tabitha's
Florence Forrest, Springdale 3, U V, School House
Mr Ford, Maudsley 3 (Bank manager, Enid's father)
Frances Saunders, Maudsley 4, VI
Franz, Dimsie 9 (German spy)
Freda Borland, Springdale 6, VI, School House, School games captain

Gabrielle (Gay) Marsden, Moor, L V; Woods, St. Githa's, U V
Colonel Garth, Henry, Dimsie 4 (father of Primrose and Rosamund, Hilary's grandfather)
Geordie (George), Dimsie 7 (garden boy)
Georgie Lang, Maudsley 5
Geraldine (Jerry) Judkins, Maudsley 1, LV; 3-4, U V; 5, VI
Gertie Lawson, Maudsley 2, III (Brenda's sister)
Gertrude, Angiers, St. Bride's 1, VI
Gillian (Jill) Ewing, Moor, Nearly 17, Head girl; Woods, Gardening mistress
Gillis, Springdale 2, IV
Dr Gilmour (Peter) (see Peter)
Mrs Gilmour (see Dimsie) Dimsie 9, Springdale 2-8
Mr Gordon, Dimsie (politician, father of Mona, Derrick and Jean)
Mrs Gordon (see Erica Innes)
The Gorgon, Springdale 4, Wistaria, Matron, Formerly St. Tabitha's
Gracie Owen, Springdale 6, Wistaria
Grace Pollard, Moor, Former head girl
Miss Graeme, Dimsie 1 (Dimsie's former governess)
Mr Norman Graham-Keyes (Norman, Springdale 3 (Theatre producer)
Grannie Dunn, Dimsie 7 (old woman in Lochside)
Grayson, Dimsie 7 (Mr Pritchard's assistant)
Grey, Dimsie 9 (family near Lochside)
Professor Grey, Springdale 6
The Grey Lady, Dimsie 7- (17th C ancestress of Dimsie, Simon Maitland's wife)
The Grub (see Helga Grub)
Gwen, Dimsie 8, 4th Div. (Isabel's sister)
Gwennie Jones, Maudsley 5, L III, Form-captain
Gwenneth Ford, Maudsley 2, Guilry
Gwynneth Lefevre, Springdale 3, VI, House captain School House, School prefect

Miss Hale (Margaret), Maudsley, Headmistress
Hamish Campbell, Dimsie 7 (shepherd) Carolyn Orde Gordon (Lintie)
Miss Hawthorn (see Elizabeth Hawthorn)
Mrs Hawthorn, Maudsley (Nancy Caird's grandmother, Mary's and Elizabeth's mother)
Hazel Hunt, Dimsie 8, 4th Div. (Heather's twin)
Heather Hunt, Dimsie 8, 4th Div. (Hazel's twin)
Helen Connor (see Nell)
Helen Hislop, Maudsley 3, U V; 4, VI, Prefect; 5, Headgirl
Helga Grub, St. Bride's 1, IV, Cherry Room; 2, VI, Prefect
Miss Hervey, St. Bride's, Music mistress
Hester Harriman, Dimsie 3, Prefect (Nancy's sister)
Hilary Garth, Dimsie 4, 3rd Div.; 5-6, L 2nd Div.; 8, 1th Div, later prefect (Niece of Primrose and Rosamund)
Hilda Garvie, St. Bride's 2, VI
Hilda Heathley, Dimsie 2,1st Div.
Mrs Hobbs, Dimsie 5 (Post mistress)
Miss Hodgins, Dimsie 8, Form mistress 4th Div.
Mr Hodgins, Maudsley 2 (Landlord of Crown and Sceptre)
Prof. Hollis, Springdale 5 (Friend of Prof. Kersey)
Hugh Musgrave, Moor (Lesley's and Nan's brother, engaged to Ursula Grey)
Hugh Orde, Dimsie 9 (8 yrs, Pamela's and Kenneth's son, Ken's brother)
Mrs Hughes (see Rosamund Garth)
Professor Hughes, Dimsie 7- (father of Pamela, Jim, and Bob)
Commander Hughes (see Jim Hughes)
Mr Humphrey, Maudsley 5, Nancy's organ teacher
Miss Hunter, Springdale 5, Wistaria, Botany mistress

Ida Russell, Dimsie 5-6, Prefect
Ina Gracey, Springdale, Larches, Former prefect
Irene Ansell, Dimsie 8, 4th Div. (Dolly's sister)
Iris Gregory, Maudsley 1, IV
Iris Spalding, Springdale 2-3, VI, School House
Isabel, Dimsie 8, 4th Div. (Gwen's sister)
Isabel Page, Springdale 2, Middle, Rowans
Isolt Kingsley, Springdale 1, U III, Rowans; 4, Wistaria, L V; 5, IV, Prefect

Jack Beton (see Jock)
James, Maudsley 2 (the Falcon's chauffeur)
Jamie, Dimsie 9 (at the pier at Lochside)
Jane Trevor, Moor, VI; Woods, St. Githa's, Prefect,
Janet, Dimsie (Mrs Maitland's maid)
Janet Page, Springdale 1-3, Senior, Rowans; 4, House captain
Jean Gordon, Dimsie 1, 4th Div.; 2, 3rd Div.; 3, 2nd Div.; 4, Prefect; 5, Head girl (Sister of Mona and Derrick, Lintie's aunt)
Jean Neilson, Springdale 1, Laburnums, Prefect
Jenkins, Dimsie 9 (petty navy officer)
Jenny Craven, Springdale 1, U III, Rowans; 6, VI, House games captain (Alice's sister)
Jerry Gordon (see Derrick)
Jerry Judkins (see Geraldine)
Jess Henniker, Maudsley 3 (Guildry Maid of Merit )
Jessica Trant, Maudsley 5, L V, Form games captain
Jessie, Dimsie 9 (the Gilmours' maid)
Jevons, Maudsley 2 (Policeman)
Jill Ewing (see Gillian)
Jim Hughes, Dimsie 5-9 (Brother of Pamela and Bob, later married to Rosamund, naval officer)
Jimmy (boy from Dunkirnie)
Joan Faber, St. Bride's 2, Former sports captain
Joan Hardy, Dimsie 1-2, 3rd Div.; 3, 2nd Div.; 4, Former head girl
Jock (Jack) Beton, Springdale, , Dimsie 9 (Primula's and Priscilla's brother)
Mrs Johnson. Maudsley 1-2 (Major Stephen's housekeeper)
Miss Johnston (Marcia), Woods (Writer, The Grey Lady)
Josh Freggle, Moor
Josie Gilbert, Springdale 6, Wistaria
Joyce Kennedy, St. Bride's 2, L IV; 3, Prefect, later head girl
Joyce Lamond, Dimsie 1-2, Ist Div., Prefect (Molly's sister)
Joyce Rutherford, Maudsley 5 (Actress, Rylla's cousin)
Juanita Tomlinson (see Nita)
Juliet, St. Bride's 1, Prefect
June Martin, Springdale 6, VI, Wistaria (Sylvia's sister)

Kathie Mc Lintock, Springdale 2, Junior, Larches
Kathleen Hallam, St. Bride's 1, IV, Cherry Room; 2, VI; Maudsley 1, VI, nearly 17 yrs
Kathleen Wingfield, Moor, VI, Prefect (Beryl's sister)
Ken Orde, Dimsie 9 (5 yrs, Pamela's and Kenneth's son, Hugh's brother)
Kenneth Orde (the Ogre), Dimsie 7-8; Springdale 2 (Writer, Lintie Gordon's maternal uncle, later married to Pamela Hughes)
Miss Kerr, Springdale, Head mistress
Prof. Kersey (Morris), Springdale 5-6 (Faith's father, later married to Diana Stewart)
Miss King, Woods, House mistress South House, Games mistress
Kitty Halliday, Springdale 4, VI, Wistaria, Prefect, House games captain, Formerly Larches
Miss Knewitt, Maudsley (Guardian 1st Maudsley Co., Girls' Guildry)

Miss Lambie, Dimsie (keeper of sweetie-shop)
Laurie Sims, St. Bride's 2, IV; 3, Head girl, later deposed
Lena Elton, Dimsie 9 (spy, fake governess)
Lenore (Lena) Ewell, Dimsie 9 (governess, former Jane Willard girl)
Leonie Bates, Springdale 6, School House
Lesley Musgrave, Dimsie 1-2, 2nd Div.; 3, Prefect; Moor, Form mistress L V (Sister of Nan and Hugh)
Letty Manning, Springdale 1,II, Rowans; 2, L III
Miss Lewis, Woods
Lilian Peterson, Moor, U V
Lilias Orde, Dimsie 5-6,1st Div.
Lintie (Carolyn) Gordon, Dimsie 7-9, 9 yrs, 4th Div. (Derrick's daughter, niece of Mona and Jean, Erica's stepdaughter)
Dr Livingstone (Otto Lowenstein), Dimsie 9 (German spy)
Lois Hill, Maudsley 1, Prefect, Games captain; 4, VI, Games captain (Essie's sister)
Lou Bradby, Springdale 6, Wistaria
Louise Sturges, Springdale 5, L V, Wistaria, Formerly St. Tabitha's
Lowenstein (Otto) (see Dr Livingstone)

Mabel (Mabs) Hunter, Dimsie 1, 4th Div.; 2, 3rd Div.; 3, 2nd Div.; 4, Prefect (Margaret's sister, later journalist)
Mabel Rossiter, Maudsley 2, Larkiston
Mrs Macfadyen, Dimsie 9 (postmistress)
Miss Madden, Springdale, Secretary
Madge Anderson, Dimsie 1-2, 2nd Div.; 3, 1st Div., Librarian
Madge Wilson, Springdale 4, L V, Wistaria, Formerly St. Tabitha's
Maeve O'Brien, St. Bride's 3, L IV
Magdalen Flynn (see Meg)
Maggie, Dimsie 7 (Geordie's younger sister)
Maisie Thorburn, St. Bride's 1, IV, Cherry Room; 2, VI
Maitland (Simon), Dimsie 7 (17th C ancestor of Dimsie, sea captain, husband of the 'Grey Lady')
Colonel Maitland (Walter), Dimsie 1-6 (Dimsie's father, married to Daphne)
Mrs Maitland (Daphne), nee Westenra, Dimsie 1-8 (Dimsie's mother, married to Walter)
Mrs Maitland (Isabel), Dimsie 1 (Daphne's mother, Dimsie's aunt)
Mrs McAndrew, Dimsie 7 (woman in Lochside)
Mrs McIvor, Dimsie 7- (woman in Lochside)
Dr McMichael, Dimsie 9 (Doctor in Dunkirnie)
Miss Mallory, Dimsie 6, Games mistress
Marcia Lang, Springdale 2, IV, Laburnum; 5-6, School captain
Margaret Hunter, Dimsie 1-2, 2nd Div. (Mab's sister)
Margaret Spence, Maudsley 5, IV, Boarder
Margaret Willoughby (see Peggy)
Marie Newton, Woods, L V
Marion, Springdale 2, IV
Marion Banister, Springdale 4, L V, Wistaria, Formerly St. Tabitha's
Marjorie Jennings, Dimsie 5, L 2nd Div.; 6, U 2nd Div.
Marjory Crosbie, Springdale 1-3, Rowans, Prefect
Marjory Leeland, Maudsley 1, in cricket eleven; 2-3, VI, Prefect; 4 (left)
Miss Marlowe, Springdale 6, Wistaria, House mistress
Mary Caird (nee Hawthorn), St. Bride's 2-3; Maudsley (Nancy's mother, Elizabeth's sister)
Mary Dodwell (see Polly)
Mary Neston, Maudsley 5 left, formerly VI
Mary Rogers, Dimsie 6,1st Div.
Mary Townsend, Dimsie 8, 4th Div.
Mary Ward, Springdale 2-3, School prefect, House captain Chestnuts, Editor
Miss Mather, Moor, Scripture mistress
Miss Mathieson, Springdale 1, Assistant house mistress Rowans, Junior English mistress
Meg (Magdalen) Flynn, Dimsie 1-2, Prefect, Later games captain
Merle Hastings, Springdale 4, VI, Wistaria, Prefect, Formerly St. Tabitha's
Merry Blackett (see Miranda)
Mildred Rothwell, Maudsley 2, Prefect
Miranda (Merry) Blackett, Maudsley 1, 10 yrs, U III; 4, L IV; 5, U IV (sister of Olivia, Celia, Rosalind and Desda)
Miss Moffatt, Dimsie 2, Form mistress 3rd Div.
Moffat, Dimsie 9 (famil at Burnfoot)
Molly, St. Bride's 2, III
Molly Lamond, Dimsie 4, Junior; 5-6, L 2nd Div.; 8, 1st Div. (Joyce's sister)
Mona Gordon, Dimsie (Terra-Cotta Coat, For Mona's Sake), Prefect (Jean's and Derrick's sister, died in WW1)
Mona Gordon, Dimsie 9 (7 yrs, Erica's and Derrick's son, Dickie's sister, Lintie's half sister)
Monica Bagot, Dimsie 3,1th Div.
Morag Maclean, St. Bride's 1, VI
Morna Klaf (see Norma Falk)
Mrs Mullins, Moor (The Baretts' housekeeper)
Murdo McGhie, Dimsie 9 (old man)
Muriel Evans, Maudsley 3, U V; 5, left, formerly VI
Muriel Noyes, Springdale 4, VI, Wistaria
Major Murray, Dimsie 9
Musgrave (Hugh) (see Hugh)
Miss Musgrave (see Lesley)
Myrtle Styles, Springdale 1-3, Rowans, Prefect

Nan Musgrave, Dimsie 4, Junor; 5, L 2nd Div.; 8, Prefect (Lesley's sister)
Nancy Caird St. Bride's 2, 13 yrs, L IV; Maudsley 1, 14 yrs, L V; 3-4, U V; 5, VI, Prefect; St. Bride's 3, VI
Nancy Harriman, Dimsie 1-2, 1st Div. (Hester's sister)
Nell Anderson, Dimsie 1-2, U 2nd Div.; 3 Prefect, Games captain
Nell (Helen) Connor, Woods, VI, St. Githa's
Nelly, Springdale 2, IV
Nessie Brownlow, Moor, II; Woods
Nesta Lloyd, Dimsie 8, 2nd Div.
Nesta Morgan, St. Bride's 3, L IV,
Nesta Pollard, Moor, L V
Nicola (Nick) Carter, Springdale 2-3, L III, Rowans; 4, L IV, Wistaria; 5-6, House games captain (Sidney's sister)
Nina Balston, Springdale 1-3, VI, Chestnuts, School prefect
Nita (Juanita) Tomlinson, Dimsie 1-2,1st Div., Games captain
Noel Perry, St. Bride's 2, L V
Nora Blyth, Dimsie 2, 4th Div.; 5-6, U 2nd Div.
Nora Ramsay, Springdale 2-3, VI, House captain Laburnums, School prefect
Norah, Moor, II; Woods
Norma Falk, Springdale 3, VI, School House

The Ogre (see Kenneth Orde)
Olive Knighton, Moor, VI, Prefect
Olive Webb, St. Bride's 3, V
Olivia Blackett, Maudsley 1-2, VI, Headgirl (sister of Celia, Rosalind, Desda and Miranda)
Mr Orde (see Kenneth)
Mrs Orde (see Pamela Hughes)

Mrs Page, Moor (Lesley Musgrave's landlady in Priorscross)
Pamela Hughes, Dimsie 1, 4th Div.; 2, 3rd Div.; 4-6, Prefect, Games captain (Jim's and Bob's sister, later married to Kenneth Orde)
Mr Paterson, Maudsley 5 (Minister, St. Ninian's); St. Bride's 3, (Bijah's guardian)
Mrs Paterson, Maudsley 5; St. Bride's 3 (Organist, minister's wife)
Patricia (Tricia) Walker, Springdale 4, Wistaria, Prefect, Formerly St. Tabitha's
Patten, Maudsley 1 (Major Stephen's servant)
Pauline Armstrong, Maudsley 1, L V
Pedro, Springdale 1 (The Carters' manservant)
Peggy Pritchard, Dimsie 7 (Barty's daughter)
Peggy (Margaret) Willoughby, Springdale 1-2, VI, House captain Rowans; 3, School captain (Anne's sister)
Penelope Jordan, Moor,15 yrs, L V, Day girl; Woods, St. Githa's, U V, later VI
Dr Peter Gilmour, Dimsie 7-9, Springdale 2-3 (Later married to Dimsie)
Miss Peters, Springdale 5 (Excentric old lady)
Mrs Pettifer, Maudsley 5 (Rose's mother, Captain of the Lady Foresters)
Phemie Campbell, Dimsie 9 (old woman)
Miss Phipps, Dimsie, Science mistress
Phyllis Bainbridge, Maudsley 1, VI, Prefect; 3-4, Headgirl; 5 (Guardian, 2nd Maudsley )
Phyllis Heathley, Dimsie 1-2, 1st Div., Later head girl
Phyllis Spiers, Springdale 2, Laburnums
Polly (Mary) Dodwell, Springdale 3, VI, House prefect School House, House games captain
Polly Trevor, St. Bride's 3, L IV
Primrose Garth, Dimsie 1-2, Prefect (Rosamund's sister, Hilary's aunt)
Primula Mary Beton, Springdale 1-3, U III, Rowans; 4, Wistaria L 5; 5-6, VI, School prefect (Priscilla's sister)
Princess Potentilla (see Mrs Daphne Maitland)
Priscilla Beton, Springdale 5-6; 6, U IV, Wistaria (Primula's sister)
Mr Pritchard (Bartholomew, Barty), Dimsie 7 (businessman in Glasgow)
Mrs Pritchard, Dimsie 7

Rachel (Rae) Merchiston, Springdale 1-3, VI, Larches, School prefect (1-2); 2, Rowans
Miss Randall, Woods, House mistress St. Githa's
Miss Rankin, Dimsie, Matron
Miss Rawlins, St. Bride's, Games mistress
Lady Redchurch, Springdale 3 (Lady of Redchurch Castle)
Rhoda Harrington, St. Bride's 1, Prefect; Victoria Victrix, Games captain,
Rhoda Missenden, Moor, V
Rita Mather, St. Bride's 1, IV; 2, VI
Robbie Beton, Springdale; Dimsie 9 (Primula's and Priscilla's brother)
Robert, Maudsley 3, policeman
Miss Robertson, Springdale, House mistress Rowans, Formerly Jane's
Robin Burnet, Dimsie 9 (Lieut. R: N., secret agent, later married to Anne Willoughby)
Mrs Robshurst, Maudsley 5
Miss Rogers, Springdale 4, Vice house mistress Wistaria
Ronica Barrie (see Veronica)
Rory, St. Bride's, Boatman
Rosalind Blackett, Maudsley 1-2, 16 yrs, U V; 3-4, VI, later games captain (Celia's twin, sister of Olivia, Desda and Miranda)
Rosamund Garth, Dimsie 1, 4th Div., 2, 3rd Div.; 3, U 2nd Div.; 4, 17 yrs, 1 Div.; 5-6, Prefect (Primrose's sister, Hilary's aunt, later married to Jim Hughes)
Rose Harvey, Woods, U III
Rose Pettifer, Maudsley 5, L III
Mr Rushworth, Moor, (Rector)
Ruth Semple, Dimsie 4, Junior; 5-6, L 2nd Div.; 8, Senior prefect; Also Springdale 2 (Tony's sister)
Ryllis (Amaryllis) Rutherford, Maudsley 5, VI, Boarder

Sally Hopkins, Dimsie 5, (Girl in Westover)
Sandy, Dimsie 7 (gardener at Twinkle Tap)
Sarah, Maudsley 2 (maid at Crown and Sceptre)
Selina Duncan, Springdale 6, VI, House games captain Wistaria, formerly Rowans
Miss Semple (see Tony ) (Wren officer)
Sheila Macnab, Springdale 1-2, VI, School House, Head girl, formerly Rowans
Shirley Martin, Springdale 2-3, VI, House captain Larches
Sidney Carter, Springdale 1-3, U V; 2-3, House games captain Rowans (Nicola's sister)
Miss Smith, Maudsley 2-5, first music-mistress
Miss Smith, Springdale 6, Teacher at St. Tabitha's
Miss Snaith, Moor, Secretary, Botany mistress
Sonia (Sunny) Martin, St. Bride's 3, VI
Mr Spence, Springdale, Arts master
Squeals (see Vera Squilson)
Miss Stanley, Springdale, Games mistress
Stella Rodney, Springdale 6, VI, Wistaria, Prefect, Later House captain, formerly Laburnums
Stephanie (Stuffy) Forster, Dimsie 5-6, U 2nd Div.
Major Ted Stephen, Maudsley (Barbara's father, Angela's uncle, later married to Elizabeth Hawthorn)
Mrs Stephen (See Elizabeth Hawthorn)
Sunny Martin (see Sonia)
Susy Miles, Maudsley 2; 5, U IV
Sybil Grierson, St. Bride's 2, VI, Prefect
Sylvia Drummond, Dimsie 1-2, Head girl; 4 (Later writer)
Sylvia Martin, Springdale 5-6, U IV, Wistaria (June's sister)

Tabitha Barrett (see Toby)
Miss Taylor, St. Bride's, Music mistress
Miss Temple, Moor, Form mistress U V, Maths mistress
Tessie Forrest, Springdale 5-6, U IV, Wistaria
Thompson, Dimsie 9 (able-seaman)
Wull Thomson, St. Bride's 2 (Fisherman)
Miss Thomson, Springdale, House mistress Laburnums, Science mistress
Tibbie Macfie, Springdale 1-3, U III, Rowans; 4, L V, Wistaria; 5, VI, House captain
Miss Timmins, Springdale 4-5, House mistress Wistaria, Maths mistress, Form mistress VI; 6, Chestnuts
Timothy Hillier, Dimsie 7 (Kenneth Orde's pen-name)
Toby (Tabitha) Barrett, Moor, 16 yrs, VI, Day girl; Woods, St. Githa's (Later married to Dick Trevor)
Toffee (Beatrix) Everton , Springdale 2-3, VI, Larches, Prefect
Tom, Dimsie (Boatman)
Tom Hill, Maudsley 4 (Lois's and Essie's brother)
Tom Sinclair, Dimsie 8 (Alma's cousin)
Tomlins, Maudsley 4, groundsman
Tony (Antoinette) Semple, Dimsie 3, Prefect (Ruth's sister); 9 (Wren officer)
Major Trevor, Woods, Chemist, Jane's and Dick's father
Tricia Walker (see Patricia)

Una Borden, Maudsley 2, Guildry
Una Greystile, Woods, North House, Prefect
Ursula Grey, Dimsie 1-2, 2nd Div.; 3, Head girl; Moor (Betty's cousin, later engaged to Hugh Musgrave)

Vera Robinson, Dimsie 1-2, 2nd Div.
Vera (Squeals) Squilson, Springdale 2, Junior, Larches
Vere Macpherson, Springdale 4 (Actress, Fern's sister)
Veronica (Ronica) Barrie, Springdale 5-6, Wistaria, Junior games-captain
Vi (Violet) Morecambe, Dimsie 5-6, U 2nd Div.; 8, Head girl
Vicars, Dimsie, Groundsman
Victoria Needham, St. Bride's (Victoria Victrix), VI, Head girl
Vida Stiles, Dimsie 3, Prefect
Villa Grieve, Springdale 6, V, Wistaria
Miss Vincent, Woods, Headmistress
Violet Morecambe (see Vi)
Vivian Best, Maudsley 2-3, Larkiston, Guildry Maid of Honor

Mr Walsh, Maudsley 5 (organist, Rosebury Cathedral)
Wanda Walton, Woods, U III, South House (Enid's sister)
Miss Wardlaw, Springdale, Domestic science mistress
Miss Warren, St. Bride's 3, Temporary headmistress, The Locum
Miss Weatherley, Maudsley 5
Mrs Westenra (see Mrs Daphne Maitland, )
Desmond Whittaker, Maudsley 4 (theatre director)
Miss Wilson (Bill), Maudsley 1, form mistress L V
Miss Wingate, Springdale, House mistress Larches, Form mistress U III
Winifred Arrowsmith, St. Bride's 1, VI; 2-3, Secretary (In wheelchair)
Winnie Hatton, Dimsie 2, 3rd Div.
Miss Winter, Maudsley 3, form mistress U V
Miss Withers, Dimsie 7-9 (Lintie's foster mother, dressmaker, later the Gordons' housekeeper)
Lord Woodbridge, Maudsley 2-3 (landowner)
Wullie, Dimsie 7 (Geordie's younger brother)

Miss Yelland, Dimsie 1-6, Form mistress 4th Div., Games mistress
Miss Yorke, Dimsie, Headmistress

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Animal characters (not complete):

Barnabas (Barney), Springdale 5-6 (West Highland terrier, Faith Kersey's dog)
Bruin, Dimsie 5 (performing bear)
Dante Gabriel Rosetti, Springdale 2 (Nicola Carter's grey kitten); 6 (grey cat from the Rowans)
Fop, Springdale 2 (Larche's dog, Pom)
Galahad, Dimsie 4 (Colonel Garth's horse)
Jeems, Dimsie 8 (West Highland terrier, Lintie Gordon's dog)
Laird, Dimsie 1 (Airedale terrier, Mrs Maitland's dog)
Mungo, Dimsie 1 (Dimsie's dog in Glasgow)
Nobby, Dimsie 5 (guinea-pig in the 'Orphanage')
Pierrot, Maudsley 5; St. Bride's 3 (rough-haired terrier, the Patersons' dog)
Prickles, Dimsie 5-6 (hedgehog in the 'Orphanage')
Roger Musgrave, Dimsie 2 (Lesley Musgrave's dog)
Sidney, Dimsie 5 (baby hare in the 'Orphanage')
Theophilus, Springdale 5 (Miss Peters' pony)
Tittums, Dimsie 5 (kitten in the 'Orhanage')
Waggles, Dimsie 7 (Lintie Gordon's dog)

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