I would like to thank all persons below who have helped me with the development of Åland FS scenery. They have helped me with scasm macros, textures and maps over Mariehamn.
Thanks everybody!

 Bengt Larsson, Swedflight For programming of the scasm macros in Geomac.
 Lennart Arvidsson, Swedflight Lennart has drawn all the textures. It is not photos. This man is an artist in drawing textures.
 Hans Berg For helping me to find maps over Mariehamn Airport.
 Peter Jacobsson, ASD ASD is absolutely the best scenery designing program today.
 Luftfartsverket Who tried to find maps to me over Mariehamn airport. The people at the Mariehamn tower was not interested to help me.
 Yngve Kero, Mariehamn Åland For helping me with details and photos over Åland.

Copyright 1999, Mats Findell