All three files are necessary to make a complete installation of the scenery, however can "Aland maintexture" be excluded, but then the Åland FS scenery will not have the "Nordic" appearance.
Please download the manual to make a correct installation.

 Aland Version 1.0 115kB

Aland texture Version 1.0 2544 kB

Aland maintexture Version 1.0 150 kB


This manual is intended for installation of Åland FS scenery together with Microsoft Flight Simulator 98.  Installation manual Version 1.0 95 kB


To get the most of Åland FS scenery I recommend you to download this map.
The map includes VOR, NDB, COM and ILS frequencies for Mariehamn Airport.
 Map covering Åland Version 1.0 95 kB

PLEASE NOTE: To view the installation manual and the map you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. The programme is a freeware and can be downloaded at

Copyright 1999, Mats Findell