Solo trombonist on a stage, could it be something?
Yes, if trombonist's name is Elias Faingersh, the concert is going to be
a very special journey indeed....
.... His musicality is superb, his technical ability is enormous; even
verbally this artist is something extraordinary.
The music Elias Faingersh performed is entirely his own. He started the
concert with an acoustical piece and very soon introduced whole scale of
expressions, from softest natural romantic pianissimos to powerful
He is full of rhythm and when he played " Steitl Bone" it was like
listening to a fiddler playing wedding dance: you want to dance and you
can't help it!
...His work with electronic effects opens entirely new world of sounds.
The union of tonal and rhythmical music with electronic effects becomes
very fascinating.
  Gunilla Boström,
-Landskrona Posten
Exciting Trombone Concert

I was very excited about this concert: Solo trombone..what is it going to be? It was interesting, beautiful and like nothing else...

Elias Faingersh is young open minded trombonist who
doesn't have any conventions when it comes to a concert.
He treats the public as we were his friends who he wanted to share something very special with.
The artist invated us to a breathtaking journey. For instace in his "Gold Autumn"
I felt presence of regn forest and a moos proud parade, a high mount greatness as well as shy wisper in a foggy valey.
Elias creates wide spectrum of expressions with his instrument.He uses it in all possible
ways: muted, singed in mouthpiece, with electronic effects. In that manner his trombone can sound like a bronse horn from Middle Age, australien didgeredoo, a church choir and of course like an old mary trombone. And in his case the effects serve the music and never all the way around!

  Laszlo Gönczi.
-Ljusdahls Posten.
Warm and Humorous
He can be hysterically funny - in any case if it is performed by Elias Faingersh...This talented trombonist offered the audience a personal and humorous portrait of his relatives, his music and his life… There is the same warmth in his stories that one finds in the works of Isaac B. Singer... Faingersh’s music is avantgard-ish and experimental in certain pieces while it moves back to traditional Jewish folk music in others…His works often go from finely tuned and low-voiced to explosive vivaciousness and happiness…The music never goes beyond comprehension and it describes different experiences that he has had, for example a sexual act he witnessed in the subway in Tokyo or an argument…Faingersh renders that which he sees with warmth and humor so that one goes away from his performance with careful optimism.
  Patrik Boström
-Västerbottens Kuriren
“.... The music has a strong and important role in the play already from its inception… It is written and performed by the very musical and inventive trombonist Elias Faingersh who deserves a great deal of credit…”
  Jane Betts - ELT