Malmö Academy of Music, Performance Major ,MFA. Studies with Professors Anders
Hansson and Jane Mårtensson.
Graduated 1995
Manhattan School of Music, Solo trombone performance and composition ,MMA. Studies with Professor Per Brevig.
Graduated 1994

Music for Solo Trombone

"Kamikaze! Musical sketches from the four corners of the earth"
Production: Musik i Skåne, Sweden 1998
"Electro Bone"
Production: Marta Theater, Sweden 1999


"Exit", Kivik, Sweden 1995
"J.P.Nyströms" Festival, Luleå, Sweden 1999
"Malmö Festivalen" 1996, 1999.
"Baltic Dance Festival" Vilnius, Lithuania 1999

Music Composed for Theater (in Sweden except where noted)

Jönköping’s Theater
"Animals of Heaven", 1995
"Lonely Roses", 1995
"SOS for Sara" 1999
Theater Sagohuset, Lund
"The Warrior ", 1996
"Stolen Happiness", 1996
"Queen Margaret I", 1997
"Livingstone's Child" V.B.Theater Skelefteå , 1999
Savonlinna, Finland "Tartuffe", 1997
"MARTA Theater", Malmö
"Animals at Dusk - Karin Boye in Berlin", 1998
"The New Skånska Theater" Landskrona,
"Stray Dogs", 2000
"Day Walker", 2000
"The Jaguar", 2001