Fagerhults PhotoGallery

Here are some pictures of our present cats and cats in the past, pictures that I and Kicki have taken through the years. They are no show-cats, just some funny pictures, above all kittens, in funny positions.

Rule The Roost

Fagerhults Laura Ashley
    This is S*Fagerhults Laura Ashley, seal point female, hanging on one of the climbing frames. The kittens often played Rule the Roost on these, and sometimes there were two kittens on top of the frame. Laura Ashley was one of the "Parfume" -kittens.

The Homemade Climbing Frames

Fagerhults Gudrun Guldvinge
    Here we have S*Fagerhults Gudrun Guldvinge (Goldwing), Tortie shell female (cpc), on one of the climbing frames I made. The kittens, and even the adults, was often using them, and sometimes both floors was full up.
S*Fagerhults Dungeon Master and Mouse Tricks     In the hole on the picture to the left we have S*Fagerhults Dungeon Master, red male (cpc), and S*Fagerhults Mouse Tricks, tortie point female

Persians are cool cats

Fagerhults Dungeon Master
    Our cats use most of their time to, either play around, eat or sleep...
S*Fagerhults Master Sound     ... in different positions.

Make a nuisance

Where is the switch

    "Who put out the light....."

    Persians are usually calm, but sometimes they make some nuisance. Here are two kittens inspecting a lamp.

    "Well, shall we go then?"

You have to look inside bags for kittens before you leave home.

    Keep an inn

Smulan - the innkeeper

    The kittens make a pub- "crawl"

    Restaurant Tanamis Delta Dawn is open all hours for regular customers and even, non-regular customer. As You can see, there are eight kittens trying to eat at the same time.

    Persians don´t climb...

Chico Marx and Nisse Norton
    Persians don´t often climb. They are a bit clumsy, but still, very intelligent.

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