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S*Fagerhults Cat Info Page

Some more information about our cats.

EC PermoŽbiles Rosanna data
Permobiles Rosanna data PermoŽbiles Rosanna, Seal Point Birth date: Breeder: Father: Mother:
127485 November 18th, 1994 Jane Käll,
C Purrbox
Trendsetter a33
GIC Lauralas
Star Flower n33

    Thank You Peter Ljungkvist for Permobiles Rosanna. Peter got married, had a baby (ie his wife Cissi actually), and thought they wouldnŽt have time for more kittens, and he offered us to take care of Rosanna. And so we did!

EC Permobiles Dancing Cowboys data
Pliggens data PermoŽbiles Dancing Cowboy, Seal Point Ended his days:
January 2nd 2001 Birth date: Breeder: Father: Mother:
105448 October 23rd, 1991 Jane Käll,
IC Lauralas
Dancing Kid

    PermoŽbiles Dancing Cowboys nickname is "Pliggen". It was Leif, the breeders husband that made up the nickname when Dancing Cowboy was a kitten, and we are still using that nickname.

    In 1992 PermoŽbiles Dancing Cowboy got the award BOV (Seal Point) in Sweden (SVERAK).

    His favourite position is, laying in bed between me and Kicki. The best contraceptive at hand, says Kicki.

Permobiles Dancing Cowboy is no longer amongst us.

S*Fagerhults Luke Skywalkers data
Lasse Rymdpromenads data S*Fagerhults Luke Skywalker, Red Point Birth date: Breeder: Father: Mother:
137735 Maj 6th, 1996 Me and Kicki C Florindos
Cacao Mazetti
Jenny Java

    Luke Skywalker, our new stud to be, is a member of the Star Wars- kittens.

    Luke have got some awards at shows, and the judges often gives him credit for his bushy tail and very blue eyes. He is really cute!

S*Fagerhults Jenny Javas data
Jennys data S*Fagerhults Jenny Java, Tortie Point Birth date: Breeder: Father: Mother:
113993 June 6th 1993 Me and Kicki GIC Permobiles
Dancing Cowboy
Delta Dawn

    Jenny Java is a member of the motorcycle-kittens. (Note: "Java" is the nickname of a Swedish Army motorcycle) You probably already noticed that we baptize our kittens from themes. Her sister, baptized Susi Suzuki and brother, baptized Hasse Honda lives in Norway.

    JennyŽs second delivery (Maj 6th 1996) has the theme "Star Wars", Obi-Wan Kenobi, Seal Point, Luke Skywalker, Red Point (above) and Princess Leia, Tortie Point.

    Jenny is a good mother, and have delivered some great kittens.

S*Fagerhults Cavaticas data
Cavaticas data S*Fagerhults Cavatica, Tortie Point Birth date: Breeder: Father: Mother:
130199 Maj 6th 1995 Me and Kicki GIC Permobiles
Dancing Cowboy
Shirley Bassey

    Cavatica is a member of the Wilbur-kittens. "Wilbur" is a book about a pig, and a buyer who early decided to have a seal point male, wanted the kitten to be named Wilbur, because earlier he had a cat with that name. So we decided to create a theme on the name Wilbur. We went to the library and found the book; "Wilbur". Cavatica got her name from the spider in the book. Cavatica, is very cobby and very heavy, for a female. She take after her Grandfather Turbokattens Feel Good, when in fur, he looked like a badger.

Tanamis Delta Dawns data
Smulans data Tanamis Delta Dawn, Red Birth date: Breeder: Father: Mother:
76557 Maj 31st 1988 Mrs A Chambers, England C Madame NuŽs
General Custer

    Delta Dawn has delivered 33 kittens. She has now retired, and sheŽs a happy neuter since spring 1996. Delta Dawn has been a fantastic mother and always had many kittens, for a persian, that is. Her average is 5.5 kittens. And above that, very nice and devoted, wich her kittens take after. We hope that she will have many years to go.

S*Fagerhults Gudrun Guldvinges data
Gudruns data S*Fagerhults Gudrun Guldvinge, Tortie Shell Birth date: Breeder: Father: Mother:
113991 June 6th 1993 Me and Kicki GIC Permobiles
Dancing Cowboy
Delta Dawn

    Gudrun Guldvinge is also a neuter. A very little and sweet "girl". Gudrun has got many Judges Best Cat Awards on exhibitions. As the name implies sheŽs a member of the motorcycle-kittens, and therefore sister to Jenny Java (above).

S*Fagerhults Frank Rikes data
S*Fagerhults Irene Förtvivlan S*Fagerhults Irene Förtvivlan, Tortie Point Birth date: Breeder: Father: Mother:
155298 February 18th 1999 Me and Kicki IC Anitwas
Brave Heart
Jenny Java

    Irene is supposed to have kittens - but for now she is in the cattery doing what cats do - eat and sleep.