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I'm leaving my standard text and all the links below, just as they were. The links should work right up until this site disappears at the end of August. The links on the new site should also work (for the most part) but the move may not be entirely completed until after the summer. I'm working on it, though.

My swipnet address is now closed down, because of spam attacks, so if you find it in any of my stories, it's obsolete. I no longer list addies inside every single story - but it was a more innocent world when I first started this page. The current feedback address will always be on this page - where I can change it if need be. For now, you're more than welcome to use this one: eliann_sleepingcat@yahoo.com Feedback is, as always, deeply appreciated.

Sorry about the somewhat Spartan layout, but this page is mainly a library of fan fiction, various categories. As such, it is primarily designed for quick downloads. (Also, it was my first attempt at writing html, which for some insane reason I still prefer to do by hand, without the benefit of an html editor. I've tidied up the stories a bit; I took out my experiments with font size, so they are now all standard font and will adjust to whatever browser and screen resolution they land in. Also, only the introductory pages have set colours - the stories themselves will conform to whatever colour setting you are using. (Me, I prefer a light grey background - less glare than a white one - but to each her own.) The stories can either be read online, or downloaded; either directly, or as zipped text files from Jack the Zipper (no relation to the man in the leather mask).

If for some reason you get a Not Found message for any of these stories, please let me know, so I can patch up the broken link. All the stories are there, so there's no reason why they shouldn't be found.

Apart from copyrights listed in individual disclaimers, story copyright is mine. If you feel like posting or archiving any of these stories elsewhere, please ask me first. (I won't bite, and I usually agree. :)

Star Trek

  • The Next Generation

  • Deep Space Nine

    The Man from U.N.C.L.E / The Prisoner

  • The Village Affair (crossover story) (270K)

    Sapphire and Steel

  • Former zine stories

    Four stories that were originally published in Persistance of Time.

  • Timeship (244K)

    A multiple crossover (mostly with The X-Files and Babylon 5).

  • Time's Transients

    A multi-part story by Zircon. This is not available in a zipped format as yet.

    The X-Files

  • After Philadelphia (7K)

  • Quiet Invasion (Crossover with MFU) (217K)

  • Samhain (105K)

  • Cold Truce (310K)

  • I Never Died, Says He (22K)

  • Resurrection (29K)

  • Agent Ascendens (21K)

  • Woman with No Name (Crossover with ANGEL and OAT mostly, plus a couple of cameos) (211K)

    John Woo's Once a Thief

  • Shady Incubus (Mild sex warning) (18K)

  • Chess and Roses (Crossover with the X-Files) (104K)

  • After the Fire (15K)

    Tru Calling

  • The Devil You Know (73K)

  • The Unwind (77K)


  • DreamScape (147K)


  • Lord of the Rings

  • Arthurian Legends

    Feedback, discussions, questions, etc are always welcome at the mailbox of eliann_sleepingcat@yahoo.com