When the yacht-like hull of the new motorised sailing vessel Gunilla was launched in 1940, no one imagined that almost sixty years later she would be converted into a sailing barque. Today, the T/S GUNILLA is a well-equipped sailing vessel, owned by the Swedish company Rederiaktiebolaget GUNILLA.  Carrying 38 passengers and a crew of 10 she ordinarily takes pre-college students around the Atlantic on an exciting educational journey, with the world as a classroom, but she is also available for other events. T/S GUNILLA



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Length 49,6 m
Beam 8,2 m
Tonnage 402 gt
Draught 3,2 m
Sail area 1040 m2
Heigth of masts 34 m
Engine Caterpillar
500 kW
Class Bureau Veritas
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Allan Palmer
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Beautiful and purposeful

The T/S GUNILLA is an eye-catching square-rigged vessel. Her original clipper bow has been restored and forms a beautiful ship together with the fo’c’s’le, the deckhouse and the poop. The classic rig, designed by Allan Palmer from Åland, is large and well balanced with the ship’s lines.

She is equipped with modern navigational equipment as well as an advanced communication system including a satellite link. She is prepared to sail as a classroom. You will find a sufficient number of computers, other teaching equipment and space for on board studies.

The passengers stay in cabins for four with a light and purposeful interior and of course she is air-conditioned. The ship’s galley is spacious and well prepared for sea conditions. Altogether, the T/S GUNILLA is a seaworthy ship built to explore the world and the oceans.

Carrying grain, cars and students!

The T/S GUNILLA was delivered from the shipyard to her first owner in 1940 but was not put into traffic until the end of the war in 1945. Under several owners she served as cargo ship carrying all kinds of goods, from cars and lead to wheat and mud.

Originally, she was three-masted with triangular bermuda sails, but in 1954 she was lengthened 8 metres and became a motor ship. In January 1997, she carried her last cargo of grain and was sold to the association MBV at Öckerö. MBV which has 20 years of experience in sail training formed Rederiaktiebolaget GUNILLA and began the transformation into a 21st century sailtraining ship. With three masts the T/S GUNILLA will be rigged as a barque and will carry 1040 m 2 of sails. She will be re-launched in May 1999. After a summer of various sail training expeditions she will sail off in August ’ 99 with the class of 2002.

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A new and different school

The origin of the idea to build a new sail training vessel comes from the association Mot Bättre Vetande, MBV. Having 20 years of experience of sail training on board the their two vessels the T/S Hawila and the R/S Astrid Finne it is long known that on board a sailing vessel you learn how to navi-gate, maintain, and of course, sail a ship as well as you experience teamwork and gather new experiences from different parts of the world.

The ordinary education aboard the T/S GUNILLA will be a Swedish form of pre-college, called gymnasium, with a combined social and natural science program. The students will spend a third of each school year aboard the T/S GUNILLA, where they will explore and learn about different countries and cultures, nature and sailing. Voyaging one leg every year, they will complete the tour from Sweden through the western parts of Europe via Canary Islands to Cap Verde, continuing to South America, the Caribbean the US east coast and then back to Sweden again after visiting the British Isles.

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