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Day 4 begun with a visit at Kjenndalsbreen,
a 15 min drive from Loen, and the pub owner was right, it sure was worth the trip. 
A fantastic place.

Now we´re heading to Dalsnibba, a 1470 m high mountain top with a magnificent view over Geiranger valley and the Geiranger fjord.
The road down from Dalsnibba to Geiranger is a 5 km, very curvy mountain road. When we finally reached Geiranger we rented a cabin at Fossen camping with a great view over Geiranger and it´s harbour.

At day 5 we drove to Trollstigen, the Path of the Trolls, and Åndalsnes. The road from Geiranger is surrounded by many majestic waterfalls for example the Seven Sisters, a famous fall. This part of the trip was the part where the scenery was extraordinary and we drove to Eidsdal and a 20 min ferry-trip and then we reached the goal for the trip, Åndalsnes and Trollväggen, the Wall of the Trolls. This is a place that can´t be described and no photo will make it justice. 
You just have to be there!

We now turn south, the next stop was Dombås where we rented a cabin at Dombås camping, just in time for a big rain. After the rain we ate the best and biggest hamburger we´ve ever had.

The rest of the trip was more of transportation. Off course we had to stop at Lillehammer, the Olympic host –94. We stayed the last night on a camping in Lillehammer and walked around looking at the town with the ski jump stadium and all the other places we´d seen on TV.

On this trip we have just seen a small part of Norway, there is lot more to see and many more roads made for biking. The south part with it´s coast roads or the north part with it´s small fishing villages and midnight sun is both worth a trip. 
Maybe next years trip will be one of those.

If you come from Europe you can travel to Norway by ferry both from Denmark and England, or you can cross Sweden. 

Text: Michael Karlsson

+ The roads. Even the smallest mountain road had perfect asphalt, no hole or bad mending.
+The scenery. Norway is a unbelievably beautiful country and as made for be seen from a motorcycle.

-The prices. Norway is very expensive when it comes to things like petrol,  restaurants, beer etc.

Some quick facts: 
4,412,786 people live on 386,958 m².
Capital: Oslo
Currency: Norwegian Kroner (NOK)
1 Euro (EUR) = 7.96877 NOK
1 US Dollar = 8.92170 NOK 

 If you are interested in Norway:
Road Information Service +47 22 65 40 40