Our webhotel, where we have the ownerlist and the forum stored, have added bandwidthlimit so often you will get a page saying that we have exceeded our limit. We are sorry for this and working to find a new hotel.

We would like to thank all our visitors for the great response to the translated and modified CB1000.nu.
We have created a new Forum on a new and hopefully more reliable webhotel. We hope you use this forum to get answers to your questions or if you have any tips & tricks you want to share. Or just to say Hi! to a fellow CB1000-fan.

We now also publish a list where owners of Honda CB1000 can sign up.
CB1000.nu is not really a club but it would be very interesting to see how many CB1000s there is in the world and where they are.

You can post comments and suggestions on our forum, or send us a mail

Finally our new English version of this site is uploaded.
During the translation process we have also taken the opportunity to make some design changes.
We have added and removed some sections, and now we think we have a more solid ground for future development of the site.

We still have alot to-do-things left on our list, and hopefully weŽll never feel that the site is finished. 
First weŽre looking for a new, free webhotel with asp-support since our present, former ad-free hotel has added anoying pop-ups when you enter the forum.
We also looking into the possibiliy to add a Owner-list.