A short history

Today the combination of music and electronics seems obvious, but in 1967, when Bono Electronic was founded, it was a very new thing. The first products were electronic organs for professional musicians as well as for domestic use.
In 1970 Bono released an organ-module that could easily be connected to an accordeon. This made it possible to make the accordeon sound like a 9-choir organ and these modules became very popular. They were constantly improved and for sale until 1984, when the MIDI-standard got its breakthrough.
In 1985 the company developed a MIDI-unit for use with the organ-modules that they already manufactured. This MIDI-unit was later developed for direct assembly in an accordeon, and was available until 1989, when the AM-3, a smaller and more advanced unit was released. The AM-3 is still a popular part of the Bonotron product range.
In 1989 Bono Electronic's products met a larger audience for the first time. This was on the Frankfurt International Music Fair. The same year the developement of a guitar-MIDI started, and the next year a prototype was shown in Frankfurt. The result, GM-3, was a guitar-MIDI so small that it easily could be attached directly on the guitar's body. It also works very good with nylon-string, as well as electric, guitars. In Frankfurt 1993 the finished product met the audience.

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