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Amatory Episodes in the Life of Sir Clifford Norton and others, False date and place as "Privately printed for the COSMOPOLITAN BIBLIOPHILISTS' SOCIETY OF ALEXANDRIA 1900-1901". On colophon and back cover: "This work issued by subscription for a select few members of the COSMOPOLITAN BIBLIOPHILISTS' SOCIETY, is strictly limited to « SIXTY-NINE » copies, a private property, as all other issues of « EROTIC MISCELLANIES » , it must therefore not be offered for sale." n.p.: Cosmopolitan Bibliophilists' Society of Alexandria, n.d. [1940s or 50s?]. Sb. 8:vo, 16 × 11,1 cm., 162 [6] pp. - - G+. 1800 SEK

Barr, Cecil: To Beg I Am Ashamed, The original name of the author "Sheila Cousins" are retained on the title page. Paris: The Obelisk Press/Edition du Chêne, 1955. 2nd ed. Swd. w. dw. 17,1 × 11 cm., 270 [2] pp. - - Without dw.G+. 600 SEK - Autobiography

Beardsley, Aubrey: Under the Hill or the story of Venus and Tannhäuser, in which is set forth an exact account of the manner of state held by Madam Venus, Goddess & Meretrix, under the famous Horselberg, and containing the adventures of Tannhäuser in that place, …, A re-edition of the limited Olympia Press edition of 1959. London: The Olympia Press / New English Library (The Traveller's Companion Series 105), 1966. 5th ed. Gld. 19 × 13,7 cm., 125 (3) pp., illustr. - - Omsl. syra- [?] skadat, i form av några gul-vita fläckar på det annars så mysiga mossgröna omsl., slarvigt borttagen prislapp å baksida, annars fin. 450 SEK - The history of the publication of Under the Hill, like that of many other books deemed unprintable, is a succession of dismemberments and confusion. The manuscript was left incomplete at Beardsley's death in March 1898; previously two instalments had appeared, in a rigorously expurgated form, in The Savoy, Chapters I to III in the issue of January 1896, and Chapter VII (incorporating much of Chapter V in the form of a long footnote) in the issue of the following April, the first being accompanied by the drawings of "The Abbé", "The Toilet of Helen" and "The Fruit Bearers", and the second by "The Ecstasy of Saint Rose of Lima" and "The Third Tableau of Das Rheingold"; in this version, through some whim of Beardsley's, Tannhäuser had become "the Abbé Fanfreluche" and Venus "Helen".

Cleland, John: Fanny Hill - Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, London: Luxor Press, 1964. Gld. 18,4 × 12 cm., [ii] 189 (1) pp. + 4 pp. illustr. - - 60 SEK

De Quincey, Thomas: The Confessions of an English Opium-Eater, with an Introduction by Sir George Douglas, 5th reissue of the 1907 ed. London & Toronto: J. M. Dent & Son's ; New York: E. P. Dutton 1925. Incl.: "Introduction", "Bibliographical note", "Original Preface", "Prefatory Notice", "The Confessions ...", "The Daughter of Lebanon", "Appendix", and "Notes". London - Toronto - New York: J. M. Dent & Son's - E. P. Dutton (Everyman's Library), 1925. Publ. cloth. 17 cm., xvii + 2-272 pp. - - VG. 200 SEK

Defoe, Daniel: The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders, With an Introduction by W. H. Davies. n.p. (printed in the U.S.A.): The Bibliophilist Society, 1931. Orig. cloth 22,8 × 15,3 cm., xx, 300 pp. + 8 pl. of illustr. - - 450 SEK

Deluz, Maria: In the hands of the inquisition London: Canova Presp. 1971. Pb., 17,5 x 11 cm. 190 (2) p. 80.-

Denkryden, Alfred: Many about Eve's Daugthers, Tanger: Ublu-Publo, 1962. Pb. 16 cm., 121 [7] pp. 190 SEK

Desmond, Robert: Without violence, Paris: Olympia Press (Othello Books no. 114), 1962. 1st ed. Swd. in-8s. 17,3 × 11 cm., 210 (4) pp. - Kearney 74. - 150 SEK

Fitzbancroft, Terence: My Sister My Sin, New York: The Ophelia Press Inc., 1968. Pb. 17,6 cm., [vi], 152 [2] pp. - - VG. 150 SEK

Girondias, Maurice (ed.): The Olympia Reader. Selections from the Traveller's Companion Series, New York: Black Watch, n.d.. 2nd ed. Orig. hcloth. w. d/w. 22,7cm.,725 (3) pp. illustr. - - VG. 650 SEK - En antologi över texter publicerade av Olympia Press i Paris under 50-talet.

Hanley, James: Boy, Paris: The Obelisk Press, 1946. Sb. 18,5 × 13,5 cm., in-16s, 173 (3) pp. - - G. 450 SEK

Harris, Frank: My Life and Loves I-IV, Paris: The Obelisk Press, 1948. Br. 4 vols., 233 (3) + 302 (2) + 176 (8) + 178 (6) pp. - - 4 vols in 2 books. Vol. IV from the 1945-impr. Pr. half-cloth 18,3 × 12,9 cm., with witnesses. Goldstmpd. spine: Frank Harris | MY LIFE | AND | LOVES | I-II [& III-IV]. Pp. 233 (1) + 5-302 (2) + 3-176 (2) + 5-178 (4). 600 SEK

Harris, Frank: My Life and Loves I-IV, Paris: The Obelisk Press, 1960. Br. 4 vols. in-8s 18 × 12,9 cm., 228 (4) + 289 (3) + 175 (1) + 175 (1) pp. - - Probably dustwrappers missing. 450 SEK

Heller, Marcus van [:John Stevenson]: Rape, Paris: The Olympia Press (Traveller's Companion Series no. 2), 1955. 1st ed. Swd. in-16s. 17,8 cm., 200 (8) pp. - Kearney 77. - G. 325 SEK

Greta X (pseud.): Whipsdom, Paris: The Olympia Press (Othello Books no. 115), 1962. 1st ed. Swd. 17,4 × 10,7 cm. in 8s., 199 (1) pp. - - Solblekt rygg, ngt sned. Läst ex, men i övrigt i gott skick. 250 SEK

Ibels, André: The Perverted Lady, transl. anonymous, Seems to be transl. from the french, but it could be a translation from a ms. original. Forbidden to Minors. Paris: Editions du Grand Damier (The Series of Lustful Hours), 1956. - - Sb. 17,5 cm., 218 (6) pp.G+. Name-stamp on the cover insides. 200 SEK

Jaques d´Icy: Paulette Betrayed Janus 1975. Pb. 22,1 x 13,9 cm. 190 (2) p.  Illustr. 80.-

Miller, Henry: Tropic of Cancer, Préface by Anaïs Nin. Paris: Obelisk Press, 1959. Br. 17,5 cm., 305 [3] pp. - - Mkt gott skick. 450 SEK

Miller, Henry: Tropic of Capricorn, Paris: Obelisk Press, 1948. Br. 17,5 cm., 436 [4] pp. - - G. Spine partly loose and missing. Contents in good condition. 475 SEK

Miller, Henry: Tropic of Capricorn, Paris: Obelisk Press, 1959. Br. 17,5 cm., 362 [2] pp. - - Omsl. lite slitet, bakre omsl. har vecklats och sedan slätats ut igen. 350 SEK

Mirbeau, Octave: The Torture Garden, n.p.: Research, 1989. Sb. 28 cm., 115 pp., illustr. + 9 pp. adv. - - 140 SEK

Nabokov, Vladimir: Lolita, Paris: The Olympia Press, 1960. 3rd ed. Pb. 17,5 × 11,1 cm., 312 pp. + 8 pp. advertisement. - Kearney 174. - Rygg ngt sned. 75 SEK

Petronius Arbiter, Gaius: The Satyricon, transl attributed to Oscar Wilde, New York: The Book Collectors Association, 1934. Cloth. 19,3 × 13,4 cm., 258 pp. - - VG.275 SEK

Rétif de la Bretonne [Nicólas Edme]: Pleasures and Follies of a Good-natured Libertine. Being an English rendering of L'Anti-Justine done by Pieralessandro Casavini [Austryn Wainhouse], Paris: The Olympia Press, 1955. 1st engl. ed. Swd. in-16s., 260 (10) pp. - Kearney 26. - Pr. half-cloth. without title on spine.VG+. 900 SEK - Av excentricitet fullt mätbar med den ökände markisen, även om R.:s mål i denna är, att övergå markisen, inte i grymhet och hans vansinniga mord- och tortyrscener, men få dessa att blekna i kraft av en ännu mer glödande och sinnligare text. I medelpunkt står ett blodskamsförhållande mellan författaren och hans dotter, något som för R. alltid hade någonting retande över sig; och liksom R. själv hade en dotter, är också detta verk först och främst av självbiografisk art. Kapitel 15 skildrar en munks torterande och mördande av en kvinna, som sedan styckas och äts upp (vilket f.ö. knappast undergår de Sade). Av de åtta annoncerade delarna utkom endast dessa två, varav del 2 slutar mitt i en mening.

Ripston, Rowena: Children for Shame!, Paris: The Vendôme Press, 1949. 16:mo. 18,1 × 13,1 cm., 283 [5] pp. - - VG+. Pr. half cloth. w. author and title on spine, and with orig. cover co-bound. 1500 SEK

Wilmot, Earl of Rochester: Sodom or the Quintessence of Debauchery. Written for the Royall Company of Whoremasters, Paris: The Olympia Press (Traveller's Companion Series no. 48), 1957. 3rd ed., 1st OP.-ed. Swd. in-4s, 123 (5) pp. + half-tone frontispiece with portr. of the supposed author. - Kearney 123. - Pr. half-cloth. without title on spine.VG+. 450 SEK - Supposed author.

Sade, D.-A.-F., Marquis de: The 120 Days of Sodom, or, The Romance of the School of Libertinage. Being an English rendering … done by Pierallessandro Casavini [Austryn Wainhouse], With an essay by Georges Bataille. Paris: The Olympia Press, 1954. 2nd engl. ed. Swd. in-8s, 575 (1) pp. - Kearney 28. - Pr. half-cloth. without title on spine. 17,5 cm.VG+.1500 SEK


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*Anon: Degradation: The Shamed Beauty. DIS-108.
*Anon: Her Master was Satan. Satans library SL 107.
*Anon: Liliths daughter. Satans library SL 108.
*Anon: The Devils torture. Satans library SL 106.
*Anon: Begotten of the Demon. Satans library SL 105.
*Anon: The possession of Tamara. Satans library SL 103.
*Anon: Diary of A wife in bondage. Private Journals 1978.
*Anon: Dominant mothers: Enslaving boys & girls. SMR 62. 1982.
*Anon: Viet Cong Torture Schack. War Horrors WA 516.
*Anon. Casebook: Roped and bound: Perverse practices for sexual orgasms.
*Anon: On grandpas lap. AF 1978. 60.-
*Anon: Raped by her brother. AF 103.
*Anon: Chained Sinner. Slave Women series 122. 1980.
*Anon: Bizarre sexual fantasies vol. 28. BSF 128. 1980.
*Anon: Bizarre case studies: Climax in chains. 1978.
*Anon: Bizarre case studies: Whip lust. 1979.
*Anon: Mistress of Magnolia Walk. Slave Horrors SH 112 1979.
*Anon: Marriage Bonds. BON 106. 1979.
*Arven, Andrea: Wild. Nexus 1992.
*Ashe, Aran: The Slave of Lidir. Nexus 1991.
*Ashe, Aran: Pleasure Island. Nexus 1992.
*Bassett, O.R.: 69 South Walnut. Brandon House 1970.
*Beaumont, M.: Teenage werewolf. UG 104
*Benjamin, Jack: Masochist for sale. Command Books 1970.
*Blake, S.P.: Stagshow broads. Brighton Books 1975.
*Black, Clay: The Sadists. Centrum Books, Copenhagen 1971.
*Black, Dan: Curiosity killed the pussy. Classic 1969.
*Black, Harvey: The Hard father. Candid books 1975. 60.-
*Boots, Tiffany: Five men. Venus Library/Grove Press 1969
*Borker, Chas: Th leather lovers. Monolith Book 1970.
*Brutus, Steve: Young Swingers. Libertine 1969.
*Burke, James: Passionate sadist. Continental Classics 1970.
*Butler, M.: M… the story of my life. Parisian press 1971.
*Calhoun, Don: Dando Shaft! Ballantine Book. 1968.
*Charhadi, Driss Ben Hamed: A life full of holes. Grove/Black Cat 1966.
*Colleton, John: Barefoot on Jill. Signet 1983.
*Conrad, Bill: Torture Terror. Captive Women Series CWS 149. 60.-
*Conroy, Mark: Angelas naughty secret. Chelsea library 1975.
*Crowell, Anthony: Pleasure pain and parents. Venice1969. 60.-
*Currie, Dick: El Aribe. Private edition classic. PE 516. 1969. Colorphoto illustration. 60.-
*Curry, Jim: Flesh Carnival. Midwood 1978.
*Cutsworth, Jonathan: Doing it Country Style. Neptune readers 1970.
*D., Jacqueline: Diary of a nympho. Neptune 1971.
*Danny: The ballad of bubblegum park. Venice 1972.
*Dansk, Robert: Verbina: A cronicle of lust. Soho 1972.
*Danzig, Otto: Overtime. Bell House Classic 1969.
*Davenport, Morris: The passion princess. Candid Books 1975.
*Davenport, Robert: Mistress of leather. Venus 1972.
*Dean, Martin: Lacerated Lovers. Impact Library 1974.
*Dean, Martin: Shackled Love. Impact Library 1974.
*Dedeaux, P.N.: Tender buns. Essex house 1969.
*Dedeaux, P.N.: The Prefect. Venus Library.
*Dedeaux, P.N.: The nothing things. Essex house 1969.
*Delroy, Frank: Happy Whippers. Torch reader 1971.
*Doe, D.L.: Boxed nympho. Pendulum 1970.
*Drialys, Lord: The beautiful flagellants of New York. Grove press 1971 3 vols in one. Facsimil. 60.-
*Dr Lambs library: Pleasure of pain: Special sex-special people LL 1974
*DuBois, Peter: Sex Ship. Venice1969.
*Duval, Jerry: Memoirs of a hornblower. Continental classics 1967.
*Duvivier, Marcel: Les Houris Caribes. Continental classics 1968.
*Falkensee, Margarete von: Blue Angel Nights. Star UK 1987.
*Fanchon, Lisa: Girls Wanted. Softcover library 1970.
*Feller, George: Dont spare the rod. Continental classics 1970.
*Fife, Amanda: Dungeon of Conagree. Regency 1972.
*Fitch, Anthony: Three golden girls. Criterion 1969.
*Fitzsimmons, Jerry: She married them all. Publishers Consultants 1980.
*Fleener, Carson: D.O.M. Pad Adult Library 1973.
*Fletcher, Walter: The lascavious reader. Melbourne publ. 1968.
*Flynn, Matt: Three Fables of love. UG 1969.
*Foxy: School girl fantasies. Pleasure book 1978.
*Freedland, Nat: Exotica in the Desert. Brandon House 1968.
*Frith, Derek: She comes across. Continental classics 1968.
*Garsen, Matthew: What you always wanted to know about oralism and pain. Eros Goldstripe 1972.
*Granamour, A. de: The Lariat. Spur and the Lash. Satan Press SP 331. 1971.  60.-
*Halliday, Gene: Sock it to me, lover. Continental classics 1968.
*Hannah, Ted: Leather it! Pussycat Press 1975.
*Johns, Marion: The knave and the knouts. Supreme 1971.
*Laurey, Joy: Joy. Star 1985.
*Lengua, Lisa: Passion in Panama. Encounter 1978.
*Linden, Peter: The Pageant of lust. Continental Classics 1967.
*Lorney, Marjorie: Young stud lovers. Publishers consultants 1980.
*Lupesque, Sophia: Love, leather and the lash. Impact Library IL-401. 1968.
*MacBeth, George: Cadbury & the Samurai. NEL 1981.
*Madden, Russell: The Hooker habit. Greenleaf Classic 1974.
*Madding, L. K.: Little White Slave Girl. All New Satan Press, NSP 115. 60.-
*Maxwell, Sames: Les Enfants terribles. Continental classics 1967.
*McDonald Downs, Liam: Warm very warm. Midwood 1970.
*McTiernan, Rand: Pain Chateau. Beeline 1976.
*Merrick, Geoffrey: Bound for Hollywood. Memoirs of a white slaver #6. HOM 1987.
*Merrick, Geoffrey: Balls and chains. Memoirs of a white slaver #8. HOM 1987.
*Millar, Frank: Inbreeding in the Ghetto. Family series 1980.
*Morgan, George: Threesome Swap. Swap Meat Library. 1985.
*Muntz, Charles Z.: Young love and young sex. Venice Books VB 395. 60.-
*Neil, Martin: The savage Body. Monterey Library 1980.
*Palitain, Andrew: Men Women and dogs vol 2. Copley Square Press 1973.
*Parker, Eric: the mini erotics. Venice 1969.
*Pine, Jack: The snatch. Pendulum 1969.
*Powers, R.T.: Stepchild sex ´70. Barclay House 1969.
*Quinn, Charlie: Little stepchilds dilemma. Vision 1976. 60.-
*Ray, Dell: Private trade. E.L. 1969.
*Riley, Fred: Front page sex. Neptune 1971.
*Redleigh, Ted: Coming on strong. Windsor House 1970.
*Reynolds, Joseph: Satans disciple. Orpheus disciple. 1968.
*Roche, Victor de la: Secret climax. Continental classics 1967.
*Roland, Germain: Jungle slave. Criterion 1969
*Royce, P.: Sapphire Star #2. Pinacle book 1984.
*Richmond, Fiona: Fiona. Star 1976.
*Richmond, Fiona: The Good the bad and the beautiful. Star 1980.
*Richmond, Fiona: Galactic girl. Star 1980.
*Robb, Harvey: Justine baby. RAM Classic1969.
*Robbins, Harry: Strangers in the night. Tower 1968.
*Sainte-Claire, Sybil: Devices of Pleasure and pain. Command books 1970.
*Sampson, Conrad: Feel of flesh. Open Door Series 1972.
*Santagata, Richardo: Teen Tramp. Midwwod  1973.
*Santiago, Carlos: Madam morbid. Emkay 1973.
*Schwamm, Ellen: Adjacent lives. Avon 1979.
*Shneider, Roland: Empire for sin. Obelisk 1968. 60.-
*Shorte, Margo: Mothers little whore. Knight Library 1973.
*Silvers, Nathan: Salesgirl in bondage. Bondage book 1988.
*Swelt, Maryon: He Seduced his little sister. Surrey House 1975 60.-
*Verseau, Dominique: Yolanda, slaves of space. Grove Press 1976.
*Vernisage, Hercule: Reign of pain. Bishop classics 1974.
*Viers, J.C.: The Love Dossiers. Top Reader Library 1969.
*Watts, Bradley: Virgin: Wildwood 102.
*Waverly, Bruce: Her streange sexual preferences. Award library 1972.
*Weiss, Joe: hazing orgies. Libertine 1971.
*Weiss, Joe: satans chicks. Libertine 1970.
*Wellman, Catherine: The unforgiven. Royal House 1968.
*Wendover, Sean: Vacation of terror. DeLuxx 1983.
*West, Tina: Nightmare orgies. Pleasure books 1980.
*Wharton, Pete: Footsteps of Fame. Eiffel 1970.
*Whitmore, Linda: The Sadie -Masie elite. Libertine 1970.
*Williams, Hadley: The new incest-violent sex in the family. Barclay house 1970.
*Williams, Hadley: The Male Dominator. Command Books 1970.
*Windsor, Whitney: Picture show. Spartan 1972.
*Woodlow, Nancy: Lady Lash. Liverpool 1977.
*Wothington, Richard: The captive girls. Star 1972.
*Wright, Larry: Casebook: Sadism, masochism, and other sexual aberrations. Cameo 1972.
*Wright, Lyn: The sex violators. Viceroy 1968.

Monks Secret Library:
*MSL 8: The Monks bride. 1977.
*MSL 24: The Cardinals wench. 1978.

BIZARRE Library.
illustrerade av DiMulatto.

*39: Oriental captives
*51: Hostage in hell

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