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The first successful Wing Sail, a 160 km/h Speed Wing, a wing with large transparent front, a compact-in-storage-wing and skates.

The first successful wing
                    skate sail

There is only one!

The world's first successful stand inside wing skate sail, as far as I know. Collector/Museum piece?

                    wing skate sail

160 km/h Speed Wing

                    inside wing skate sail

Course racing wing skate sail - very decorative.


Custom made 10 cm high sailing ice skates.

For sailing, display or decoration. See below for detailed information.


160 km/h, 100 mph, speed wing skate sail

Speed wing skate
              sail The sail area of this sail is only 2.5 sqm, or half of an ordinary course racing wing. The top speed of a course racing wing is estimated to some 120 km/h, 75 mph. The top speed is restricted by the sailor beginning feeling quite unsafe being thrown violently left or right by the gusts because the sail area is far too large. 

With half the sail area this speed sail should not reach the same conditions until the speed is some 1.44 larger (square root of 2, because wind forces increase as the square of the speed of the wind) or at some 170 km/h, 106 mph. 
To reach this speed you probably need some 14 m/s (28 knots) of wind. This much wind and the required smooth and large ice surface occurs only about once per year in my region of Sweden. 


When sailed at lower speed, e.g. 100 km/h, 60 mph, the ride is expected to be relatively smooth even in the gusty winds we have here. 

The sail is made of thick polyester sail cloth with horizontal aluminum ribs. It is held taught by vertical aluminum struts. Its width is tailor made for a quite thin person like me 70 kg, 155 lb., 185 cm, (6 ft 6 inch ?). The width can be altered relatively easy by removing and reshaping ribs. 

The height of the sail is 2.6 m, sail area 2.95 sqm, reef able to height 2.1 m, sail area 2.5 sqm. 

It has a window of poly carbonate, 30 cm high, in the leading edge, starting 144 cm from the bottom. If you are to short for this with skates on the window can be lowered by cutting off a bit at the bottom of the wing. 

The sail has a vertical stabilizer on a boom. The stabilizer is steered with a handle in front of the sailor. 

For transport and storage it folds into a some 2 x .4 x .5 m package. weight around 10 kg, 22 lb.. 

At the time of writing, January 1998, the sail has not yet been sailed. But I expect to soon gather enough information on its handling and performance qualities to be prepared to part with it and possibly build a successor. 
Builder is me, Anders Ansar.

Price some 2900 US$ 


10 cm high custom made skates

Sailing skates Height 10 cm. Length 53 cm. Runner of stainless 1.5 mm steel. Each stiffened at lower edge with two 2 x 2 cm L-shaped aluminum extrusions. 

Foot plate of black anodized extruded aluminum. 

Used, but almost in condition as new. 

In the lower part of the picture is a side view of one of the skates. 

No bindings. Mount skate or ski bindings or fasten with bolts and nuts through sole of alpine ski boot. 
Builder Anders Ansar.

Price 290 US$. 

If you have any questions please let me know!

The best tactical compass for sail boats? You see the wind shifts directly on the compass! No figures to read, write or compare. Can it get simpler?  The position of the white pointer directly shows where the direction of the wind is between best lift and worst header. 

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