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World's fastest skate sail
Ice skate sailing in wings, 75 mph, 120 km/h, and possibly much faster, 100 mph, 160 km/h?

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Stand inside wing
                    skate sail

Here I sail one of my wings. It hangs on the shoulders and I wear ice skates. 
  Wind is very light, you can hardly feel it in your face, still speed is some 40 km/h, 25 MPH, or some 6 times faster than the wind.

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Building and sailing instructions. A Skate Sailing article.

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NEWS:  Speed sailing wing, 160 km/h, 100 mph? Old wing modified to be reefed from the back.

Wing skate sail
                    sailing with heel

 A wing sailor sailing at top speed in strong wind. He leans to windward to balance the force of the wind. Speed is some 120 km/h, 75 mph.

                            Cabriolet skate sail
Ice-Wing Cabriolet, has good performance for its size because the sailor makes no air resistance.
 Rolls into a tubular pack for storage or transport on the ice when there is no wind.


The wing skate sail beats big ice boats, an incredible performance for its size and simplicity.  With no restrictions to the design, it is probably the most challenging ice sailing class to design, build and sail. It has not yet really been tried on land, with roller skates, on skate board or on a bicycle. Will you be first to beat the land yachts?


"You travel in a state between flying and falling. Sailing on one skate, leaning into a wind which every little change is transmitted directly to your body. The only sound is the faint whistle of the wind outside your wing." That is skate sailing according to one of the addicts.

Wing skate sailing, 120 km/h, 75 mph

30 cm (1 ft) high sailing skate
Extreme sailing skates 30 cm (1 feet) high. The height can be changed by replacing the read tubes with others of different length. Light wind and good ice: With high skates you can carry a tall sail with large area = a fast sail. Strong wind: Low skates and a lower small sail.


After the wing skate sail? Twice as fast?

The best tactical compass for sail boats? You see the wind shifts directly on the compass! No figures to read, write or compare. Can it get simpler?  The position of the white pointer, see animation right, directly shows where the direction of the wind is between best lift and worst header. 

You are probably not interested in extreme light packing 1 oz, 39g.

"Man shrinks luggage to 1 oz, 30 g." The almost complete work of packing light, stay cool and more.
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