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Ice and snow sailing pages.

In English.

Sailing on ice in Sweden: Build your own ice boat with wind surf rig. Also ice boating and skate sailing.

Skate sailing, mostly traditional, in Sweden.

HB Smiths' Ice sailing idea's and design page. "Aerodynamically the ice wing can be improved by decreasing the relative profile thickness." Many beautiful color drawings.

International DN Ice Yacht Association.

Wintersurfer plus a windsurf rig makes an ice, snow or land sailer. It is a bar which is attached to the ankles with the bottom of the windsurf mast at the middle of the bar.

Ice Flyer, a commercially available ice boat powered by a wind surf rig.

Ice Sailing from Prince Edward Island, Canada, A page dedicated to Wind, Ice and Man's Ingenuity with apologies to John Steinbeck: DN's | Other Craft | Plans | Gallery | Resources.

Minnetonka Yacht Club Ice Boat info Minnesota Ice Sailing Association.

Hudson River Ice Yacht Club , a club with many beautiful old ice yachts .

De Robben Ice Yacht Club in the Netherlands, with a fleet of 92 ice boats, mostly DN's and 15m2 but also many old traditional ice yachts.

Snow and ice wind surfing in Germany, Berlin.

World Windsurfing Directory, and  also have links to ice and snow sailing pages.

In Swedish/På svenska.

Svenska Isseglarförbundet Skånes Isseglarklubb, SIK. "En livaktig klubb för skridskoseglare och långfärdsåkare i Skåne." "...nära 400 medlemmar."

In Danish

A nice drawing of a traditional skate sail  from a danish climber and artist.


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Kiteski, sailing on water skies pulled by a kite!

Land sailing

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