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Museum of Modern Skate Sailing

Also contains some old outboard engines and an engine mount for a low fuel consumption catamaran.

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Dick Tillberg, the founder of the Museum of Modern Skate Sailing,
in front of the museum which is located in a barn.

The museum contains four stand inside wing skate sails and one traditional skate sail. It is as far as I know the first skate sailing museum in Sweden.

Exhibits of the Museum of Modern Skate Sailing


This was the typical construction of the first wing sails.

This was originally a some 2.5 meter tall wing. It was then modified to a cabriolet for high wind sailing.
 The museum have a non modified wing like the one pictured just above.

This was a serious try to make a high performance wing: Large stiff area at the front and large sail area. It never won a Swedish Championship.

On the right is "El Gigante" a combination of a cabriolet sail and another wing. Good light wind performance.
On the left is a speed wing, designed for the 160 km/h range, not yet part of the museums collection.

Other exhibits

Mr. Tillberg have made several attempts to make low energy water vehicles. In the museum is special engine mount  for a Tornado catamaran. It mount a small diesel at the forward crossbeam. Fuel consumption is .06 liter per nautical mile according to Mr. Tillberg.

The museum also have some old outboard engines: Penta U 21, Archimedes B 22.


The museum is located in the county Vaermland 400 km, 260 miles, west of the Swedish capital Stockholm.

The museum can be visited on request. Contact Dick Tillberg. Email: . Telephone number + 46 8 7175426.  

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