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Plenty of scope for much faster skate sails

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The wing skate sail, is as fast as ice boats, but it is far from the ultimate:

It therefore looks like much faster skate sails can be designed, but we probably have have to think along totally new lines. This is certainly a challenge for designers and inventors. And anyone, use roller skates if you don't live in the ice belt, can give it a try as costs are low.

On the page after the next page a totally new concept is presented. Twice as fast?

The best tactical compass for sail boats? You see the wind shifts directly on the compass! No figures to read, write or compare. Can it get simpler?  The position of the white pointer directly shows where the direction of the wind is between best lift and worst header, in oscillating wind shifts. Picture on to the right is an animation. 


A concept for the world's biggest, longest, widest kite?

This kite is 22 by .5 m. You can sail straight up wind with it!

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