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Wing skate sail evolution
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The first stand inside wing I built was made of two sheet of plywood, some 1.5 m, 5 feet, square, joined at the front with hinges. The slot was covered with a strip of plastic. My performance calculations showed that it should be capable of sailing 70 km/h (45 mph) in a light wind. But there was probably at least a decimal error in the calculations as in reality it didn't move at all. 

  On reason, I know now, was that with that short pointed profile it was impossible to get to the "quarter cord  from the nose point". You must stand  there for wing balance as the wind force is located there. 

I made a second wing of cloth and ribs of aluminum tubing. After development it beat the traditional sails at its best moments.
The first
                successful wing skate sail The third wing. left, was clearly fastest than other skate sails at the first try. 
  When I competed in the Swedish national championships with the this wing I won one race with a wide margin. Up to then there were no limits on equipment. The following year these sails were banned from racing because of their devastating speed. The sail  had a stabilizer for safety reasons. Now the stand inside wing skate sails race in an unlimited class of their own. 

From cloth wings I went to wings with a stiff forward part followed by cloth and that is the type of wings used now. I have built over twenty-five skate sails so far, some twenty of them stand inside wing sails.

A couple of tries has been made by others to make all stiff wings but none of them as been successful so far.

The best tactical compass for sail boats? You see the wind shifts directly on the compass! No figures to read, write or compare. Can it get simpler?  The position of the white pointer directly shows where the direction of the wind is between best lift and worst header, in oscillating wind shifts. Picture on to the right is an animation. 

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