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Sorry, no compasses made now. Possibly from around January or May 2012.

Ansar 4 compass
The  position of the center pointer gives all the lift/header information you need when sailing to windward in oscillating wind shifts. (Animation.)
Set up and read Ansar 4.


Ansar's tactical compasses

Look left! Unbeatable lift/header information at a glance 

You probably know there is plenty to gain from wind shifts 
But do you always know when lift changes to header? Or the size of the lift or header?
  Or do you never miss when the lift gets better than before?
It may mean that the mean wind direction is shifting - if you miss it you loose!
With Ansar 2 and 4 compasses you have all this information at a glance!

Even electronic compasses give only a part of this information and still require noting/comparing figures, a comparison.

Price, specifications, how to select.
$$$ Small scale local distributors wanted! $$$


>Price, specifications, how to select
>There is plenty to gain from wind shifts
>You need a compass!

Benefits of Ansar compass no: 
>2 and 4 The best!
>2 with the cupola upwards.

Set up and read:
>Ansar 4. Simplest!
>Ansar 2

>Automatic compensation for tacking angle, Ansar 4 
>A comparison with electronic compasses

>How to pay, prepayment only!
>How to mount the compass
>Background of compasses
>The modification takes time
>Compass manufacturer Silva's site
>Small scale local distributors wanted!

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NEW! Ansar 4, wind shifts at a glance. THE BEST!
At present sold only in Sweden, test production.
The position of the center white pointer directly gives total wind shift information! 
      Designed for reading from around the center line of the boat. 
      Benefits of Ansar 2 and 4.
Ansar 2 , wind shifts at a glance
The position of the right white pointer directly shows where the wind direction is between best lift and worst header. 
  Designed for reading from windward. 
     Benefits of Ansar 2 and 4.
Ansar 3 True wind direction
Shows true wind direction on a 0-360 degrees dial. Green dial for starboard tack and red for port tack. 
   Benefits of Ansar 3.
Dial close up 
Larger picture
Ansar 1  shows same large  figure on booth tacks
Is adjustable for tacking angle. The picture shows the compass viewed from the starboard windward side, the compass has cupolas facing starboard and port. 
   Benefits of Ansar 1.
A Ansar compass according to your ideas?
What information is your ideal compass giving you? 
  Please let me know, even if you have no intention of ordering one. 
  Your ideas can help me to design better tactical compasses. 
  Looking forward to hear from you! Email.

Ansar 2 compasses were bought for the Swedish Olympic sailing team by the Swedish Sailing Association. Used in more than thirty racing classes.

  I am working on new  tactical compass ideas.
  One has great potential.
  Please visit again after about half a year.

"It helped me to gain at least three or four places in each major regatta", writes Ed Baird, about the Ansar 1 compass,  in his book on Laser sailing.
 End of 1999, Ed was sailing an America's Cup boat in Auckland.

I can't promise you a similar career if you 

now start to sail with an Ansar compass. But it is of course possible.  :-)

My design  Ansar 1 compass has been copied by the big manufacturers Silva, Plastimo and Ritchie.


You race to win! It becomes easier with a ANSAR Compass!

$$$ Small scale local distributors wanted! $$$

The Ansar 2 and 4 compasses, as well as their method of adjustment, has been patented. There are also design patents.

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