Non PayPal paying methods

  • Cash: Add up your order. Mail bills, (disguise e.g. in a piece of newspaper) to Leif Asplund, Address: Stamg. 2,  S 125 74 ALVSJO,  Sweden. *
  • Bank to bank transfer: Add up your order. Then add another US$ 14 (for banks charge this end). Transfer to Name: Leif Asplund. Bank: SEB Stockholm Sweden, account number 5367-0107495 or BIC ESSESESS and  IBAN SE0850000000053670107495 *
  • PlusGiro, from accounts within EU, Norway and Island in EUR or SEK. Add up your order. Then add another US$ 14 (for banks charge and handling this end). Convert to Swedish currency. Send to PlusGiro of Leif Asplund: 85 57 10-0  or  BIC NDEASESS and IBAN SE30 9500 0099 6018 0855 7100. * 
  • From Sweden: Add up your order in dollars. Convert to Swedish kronor. Send to PlusGiro, Leif Asplund: 85 57 10-0. *
  • Note! Plans and article are sent to you via e-mail only. When sending payment also send an e-mail so we clearly have your e-mail address, and we will not get it wrong. 

  • If you use the BIC and IBAN numbers get it right! Otherwise there is a bank charge of  EURO 10.  
  • We can't accept personal checks. If they backfire the costs here will be in the order of US$ 40!
  • Your order is normally processed within a week of arrival of payment. 
* Payment are sent to a friend of mine because I am often abroad and can not check that payment has arrived.

 Modified June 2009. Written July 2007.  Counter: