Who am I?

Name: Andreas Klingstedt
Age: 27 years
Length: 6'1"
E-mail: andreas.klingstedt@home.se

I live in a small place in Sweden, called Finspång. I'm a christian and I talk with God everyday.

I love the summer time here in Sweden when temperature rises to about 80° F. It starts with the beautiful spring when nature starts to awaken. It gets warmer and you can meet friends to play soccer, volleyball, tennis, throw frisbee, go bathing and a lot more.

I like bicycling, it's so much faster than walking. Therefore, when I go somewhere close by, I go there by bike. In summertime I go for a little longer rides now and then.

Music is important to me, I listen to many kinds of music and sometimes it touches me deeply. I also sing in a gospel choir and a mens choir. It's fun to sing and at the same time you get to meet a lot of nice people.

Reading is a great way to relax. I don't read very often but intensively and it's hard to stop reading when I've found a good book. I also read the Bible to learn more about God.

Hanging out with friends means very much to me. It's great to go somewhere together, play some soccer, watch a movie, play a game or just hang out and talk.

I also love animals but I don't have any of my own.

Finspång is a small place in the southern part of Sweden with beautiful nature and many things worth seeing like the beautiful castle, the church of St Maria, the cave of Torekulla and Horse shoe stone.

Finspång was the cradle of Swedish industry and cannons of high quality was exported all over the world. The area of the works is nice to visit and there is also several other industrial buildings in and around Finspång.

There are hundreds of lakes in Finspång and it has some of the finest canoeing waters in the country. You could also do some fishing or go for a swim.

The many small roads in the district are particularly suitable for cycling. We also have a very beautiful golf course and there are several museums and local community centers in the district.

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