An article from Nexus Magazine Feb/Mar 1994

Who are the FEMA, the MJTF and FINCEN?

An insider reveals a taste of things to come.

Good evening. Once again we're brought together here for an opportunity to discuss the direction that this nation is moving towards. My name is Mark Koernke; I'm from Michigan. We'll be covering all aspects of everything we possibly can concerning the New World Order operations inside the United States.

To begin with, I originally worked as an intelligence analyst from 1975 through 1981, first with a company out of Arizona, and then I moved on to the Fifth US Army Intelligence Center, where I worked both as an intelligence analyst and as a counter -intelligence co-ordinator. Later through the eighties up until the present time, I commanded two brigades of special warfare units that train US military forces in foreign warfare and tactics.

We're going to start with the MJTF police, where it came from, what it's original mission was, what its mission is now.

Through a series of political actions that started around approximately March 1989, the federal government extorted resources from most of the states, in fact all 50 states simultaneously within a short period, by passing laws in every state authorising the use of federal funding to convert local and state forces into national police forces.

The MJTF police - Multi Jurisdictional Task Force - is in virtually every state of the union of the United States at this time. Its primary mission is house-to-house search and seizure, separation and categorisation of men, women and children in large numbers, the transfer to detention facilities and the use of those facilities for interrogation purposes.

The MJTF are regular national guard, local law enforcement and street gangs converted to national police services. Remember that this was originally organised under George Herbert Walker Bush. We all know of course now that President Clinton has proposed a national police force. This is simply another name, in fact an overt name for the MJTF police.

Now the model for the MJTF police is that they are the velvet glove on the iron fist. Anybody who is familiar with some of the speeches that have taken place may recall ex-President Reagan speaking in England approximately two months ago and commenting that the United Nations forces would be the velvet glove on the steel fist - this is a very popular phrase. It has been used extensively by these people that are within the New World Order operation. I don't know how you feel about this, but any time I've been hit with an iron fist I usually don't feel too good and a velvet glove doesn't make much difference. It should be noted that most of the resources are being drawn from, again, federal fundings for regional governments.

Now the MJTF police are supported through strategic reserve aircraft that have been transferred to their resource. They will convert almost all of the existing local police agencies to national police forces after they've lifted personnel they do not consider trustworthy, and they will also incorporate street gangs.

Now if anybody has seen the guidelines - and we have copies of both - the original stated that "house-to-house search and seizures will be performed by military, law enforcement and civilian personnel". We all know who the military are - that's anybody in a green uniform or a blue uniform or the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard. We understand that there would be people in the national guard, reserve and active, our active military forces. We know who law enforcement personnel are; they are the constables, the individuals that you have at your local level all the way up to and including our secret police in the United States, such as the FBI, Central Intelligence Agency and other agencies that might be at their disposal, Defense Intelligence Agency, etc. But who are the civilians that are going to come into your home? I don't recall there being any guidelines for that in the Constitution.

If anybody has listened to national public radio you will note that on several different occasions, specifically the tenth month of 1992, it was announced, and in fact it was a one hour special programme on national public radio about converting the street gangs to law enforcement agencies.

We had been talking about this for years prior to its action. We knew that there preparatory actions taking place. Through these activities a truce was signed by most of the large gangs in the city of Los Angeles. At the time, there were negotiations in process in Chicago; and this was also taking place in New York. Since the initial actions, a full agreement has been signed in Los Angeles and both the Crips and the Bloods are now being trained, equipped and uniformed with federal funding through California. Chicago has finalised this agreement last week. New York is in the process of doing so some time in the next few weeks and we can assume that they will do this very quickly.

Their mission is to be the forefront, the master forces that come through the door. Remember that the average federal agent makes anywhere from $47,000 to $57,000 a year. he is more or less looking at his pension. He is not concerned with risking his life, especially if he can find someone to throw in front of him as a sandbag. That's the mission of these brute forces that being organised. Since last I spoke, probably the best example - I'm sure that everybody listening here has heard about Waco, Texas - these forces that were on the ground were not effective fighting forces. When you retreat and leave wounded and dead lying on the ground that's called a rout, it's not a retreat. And this is symptomatic of professional forces that are there for the money. On the other hand, if you use the old mediaeval pillage principle and you have a profit mechanism set up in which you're allowed to confiscate properties, cars, jewellery, furniture, the neighbour's wife, whatever, then you're highly motivated to go through that door - and especially if you have been doing it illegally for an extensive period of time, and all of a sudden they're giving you the opportunity to be legitimised.

Why let the street gang situation foster or flourish the way it did? We had more than the capability to restrict the street gangs at the time when they came about. Most assuredly we had the capacity to restrict them in any way that we wished to. However, by allowing the street gangs to flourish, you create regimentation. Then the strong come to the top. These are your NCO's and leaders. And when you are finished you simply put them in uniform, then you have an organised military force at your disposal. They're thugs, but they're expendable thugs. Remember that.

Now, MJTF police operations. There are several police actions that have taken place within the last two years. Starting in 1991, they participated in or were part of Operation Achilles which was a sweep from the southern Ohio valley up through to Michigan, by both the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) and MJTF forces, to harass and eliminate FFL (Federal Firearms License) holders who were manufacturers and producers of components and arms. Their primary concern was not to confiscate or charge somebody with illegal arms but rather to acquire records and resources that were available and in the hands of the people who held the FFL. In every case where they went into these businesses, the only thing that they took were the records of who purchased products and where they lived -very important to understand.

There were a series of other activities that took place after this. MJTF was deployed in Los Angeles during the LA riots, though there was only slight mention of it.

All of the agencies are overlapping and under the general authority of the United Nations. In 1992 through early 1993, reorganisation was taking place to try and give the MJTF a greater credibility.

There is an interesting piece that just came out that I was most fascinated with regarding firearms laws. It's a book concerning the Gun Control Act of 1968 in which it has been demonstrated that the Gun Control Act of 1968 wasn't simply an American creation: it was taken from Nazi Germany's gun control laws of 1938 word for word.

Now that's very important when you consider this because we're not talking a few paragraphs here and there. The entire document is taken from Nazi Germany's Gun Control Law of 1938. If they're already at that level in 1968, then where are you going to go with our gun laws now?

It should be understood that the MJTF police are not trusted by the federal agencies and eventually will be done away with. Again, the MJTF are useful but eventually will be swept to the side. Moving on beyond the MJTF police are - FINCEN.

FINCEN, or Financial Crime Enforcement Network personnel, have as much to do with finances as the SAS had to do with airplanes. The SAS, Special Air Service, was a cover name for an entity which existed in England and was the equivalent to the OSS of world War II, 1941-45. FINCEN forces are for house-to-house search and seizure, separation and categorisation of men, women and children, transfer to detention facilities, securing properties acquired, but not the maintaining of detention camps. That will be the mission of the MJTF police.

I should mention very quickly the detention camps themselves. Originally under FEMA, 23 detention camps were authorised. These detention camps were spread out across the United States. In addition to that, there are 20 supplemental camps that were authorised with the 1990-91 military fiscal budget. Carl Levin's DoD budget amendment 656 authorised the implementation of these 20 camps to supplement the 23 that were already authorised. There are now 43 camps in total that are predeployed inside the continental United States. In addition to that, there are supplemental camps or auxiliary camps through each state and in each region. An example of this would be the Nike Hercules site located near Monroe. That is a predesignated detention facility. The three sites that are located in Michigan: number one is located due north of Pickney, Michigan, due west of Brighton; the second is earmarked near Lansing, Michigan, the north-north-east; the third is Fort Custer military reservation which has been upgraded from a D-facility to a B-facility. This is very important because a D-facility is state-authorised and state-controlled. A B-facility on the hand, has been upgraded to federal status and is comparable to any of our, for instance, military facilities such as Fort Benning, Georgia, Dwight Patterson Air Force Base, any facility that we are presently using for active military forces. Now, FINCEN was organised utilising foreign military personnel, as a secret police force here in the United States. They are drawn from military and secret police forces overseas. They are predominantly European. We have Belgian, Dutch, German, French and a variety of Asian military personnel. It is known at this time, for instance, that FINCEN has an element in Montana that is made up of Ghurkhas. The 197th, mechanised as of one week ago, has deployed for a training operation that may last as long as two months in northern Montana through the Canadian frontier. It is the 197th mechanised infantry combined with two brigades of British mechanised infantry, the first Canadian armoured division, Gurkha mercenary forces, one Belgian brigade, one EC and another undetermined number of forces, all foreign. They originally were scheduled to work for approximately three weeks in the area but if this is similar to the last mobilisation that took place, you will find that they will be there for up to two and a half, three months.

FINCEN forces are ruthless. There are - and I will use the regional map here - a number of forces spread throughout the ten regions. For those of you who are not familiar with regionalism, regionalism is a form of government that we are about to experience if the New World Order people have their way. Under regionalism, Michigan becomes not Michigan but Area 5. As Area 5, our capitol will be in Chicago. Under the new states constitution this particular type of government comes into power, and we're going to find that all of a sudden we're going to be part of this warm fuzzy New World Order real quick. Unfortunately, we'd never vote for a governor again. The Governor will be directly assigned by the President.

The forces involved that we're going to see in FINCEN will be very well educated. They are professional military forces. They are, for all practical purposes, mercenaries. You're going to find that they normally serve an eight-year tour unlike the old American mechanism which was a six year tour, a mixed time of active and reserve component with IRR (Independent Rating Reserve).

There are a lot of military forces that are being sent overseas. Doesn't anybody wonder while in this time of peace we're sending more and more of our military strength to Bosnia-Hercegovina, Somalia, Thailand and has anybody heard about our forces in Peru? I imagine not. Well, I'll give you a good example. We have twenty to twenty-one thousand personnel right now sitting off Yugoslavia's coast or in Yugoslavia at this time. We have approximately 20,000 mixed personnel functioning in Somalia. And that's 40,000 combat personnel. In addition to that we have 22,000 - 23,000 in Cambodia. Now we've got 60,000 people overseas and most of them are combat troops. Let's go one step farther - Desert Storm - one of those little actions that was missed by everybody is that during executive orders that were signed, 18,000 US military personnel were sent to Peru for policing operations there under UN authority. Now, this documented. We've got people who are down there right now. There are families and there are mothers that are highly concerned about the people that are in that place. They have lost people there. People have been killed. This receives no publicity. Yet it's going on. it's a prime example of "watch my right hand, hey, you didn't see what was going on over here, did you?" That's what we have to worry about. These people control the media completely.

What I do a lot of times and I recommend you do the same thing is videotape what's going on television but ignore most of what they say. Pay attention to the photographs. If they're really concerned with something they won't feed you much. But in many cases they'll feel the general population isn't observant, and there is more in a picture than there is in all that gobbledegook and words that they've fabricated. You have to ask yourself when you look at pieces of equipment, activities, why is this taking place. Where is this taking place? Is this actually what's going on? If you look at the expressions of the individuals, the activities, the attitudes, you know that something doesn't taste right. A lot of military people coming are tickled pink to leave Somalia as fast as they can throw their feet on a 747 or a 737 Airbus. There is a reason for that. It is a situation that is typical of the type that the United Nations has put us into. Of course, by the way, we're paying the bill too. This is not good.

It should be noted that a lot of personnel who are overseas - and we have personal contacts that are experiencing this right now - are having difficulties bringing family members back or sending family members back from Europe to the United States. We have three families in particular that are experiencing this right now. They are attempting to send their wives and children out of Europe back into the continental United States and the military will not do it, will not send them. They have not released the dependents, let alone the husband. This is interesting considering that we are not at war and we have no threat of war on the horizon that anybody could pick out, short of a few policing actions that are supposed to be very minor.

The amount of force facing the American people right now is approximately the equivalent to several heavy infantry divisions with a couple of mixed mechanised divisions combined. We're looking at a little over 300,000 personnel that we could verify or that we could at least identify in different parts of the country. These forces include FINCEN elements through Montana, northern California, southern California, central Texas, the northern part of North Carolina, Fort Drum, the eastern seaboard including elements that are now stationed around the capitol of the United Sates, Washington DC. There are five FINCEN companies deployed there. I will mention this, that we put a great deal of heat on these people since we've begun to identify them.

How many people have seen a newsclip every night when they watch the media, somebody takes one of those ski masks and puts it over their head and busts into somebody's home? Sixty minutes did a little piece on this just the other night, but it's what we've been talking about for a long time. Who is under the ski mask? If you're wearing a ski mask, how do you know who these people are? In fact, how do you even know that they're even law enforcement agents? Anybody can wear a uniform, and a ski mask hides the identity especially when nobody says anything. And even if they do, how could most people be sure? A ski mask does for a person at 3 in the afternoon what the KGB did at 12 midnight and 3 in the morning with a knock on the door. It is called terror. And the fact that we would allow that to happen in the United States is a disgrace to our country and a disgrace to our Constitution. I'll tell you one thing right now, when I was in the military we were trained to shoot people with ski masks on. We called them terrorists, bank robbers, you know, criminals. Only in this case now I guess they're hired by the government. It is very important to understand this because we cannot be lackadaisical in understanding the threat.

They have progressively through gradualism gotten everybody in this mindset that this is an acceptable situation. It is not. It cannot be allowed. it cannot be allowed to continue. If these forces, for instance, are on the up and up, why not bring them into the light? Why conceal their activities? Why shroud them in darkness? Why shroud them in chaos? On the other hand , maybe we want a little chaos. Remember crisis management? Mr Kissinger brought this up first. Crisis management is a good thing. You're hearing it in the news, constantly, aren't we? Crisis management, crisis in Russia, crisis overseas, crisis in New York. With something like this of course, you create the problem, you demonstrate an answer and you execute the solution. But you've created all three. We're looking at the same thing right now here.

Now, UN (United Nations) combat forces - I'm going to interject these people real quick because all these people interlock and overlap - United Nations combat forces include those that are co-operating with FINCEN at this time in Montana, the elements that are in California - there were 21,000 of them identified south of Los Angeles and are probably deployed north-north-east of Los Angeles in Sacramento basin. The elements were located in Texas have shifted and by all indications are probably spread out through a series of garrisons. The Ohio valley, starting in the Cincinnati area and moving north-north-west, has forces deployed there. We know that these elements are also located at Fort Achuka, there are some in Fort Benning, Georgia. We know that an element was also located at Fort Drum. By the way, our processing center for detainees in the western half of the United States is Oklahoma city. We do not know what the location is for the eastern seaboard at this time; however, by all indications Fort Drum will be the control point for processing individuals to detention facilities on the eastern half of the United States east of the Mississippi. If there are any problems, what I would recommend for a lot of people that are concerned about this is that we observe the air, not the ground. However, I will say this: in Cleveland, for instance, we have friends and patriots who have photographed UN armour being transported by rail from east to west. Many of the people that have been in contact so far are both intelligence analysts or worked as intelligence analysts and counter-intelligence sergeants. They are experienced in observation and they know what they're doing. Because of this, we can rely upon their first-hand information. Most of the time, though, you are seeing FINCEN forces utilising rotary wing aircraft assets.

Back in the early part of 1990, approximately 3,000 rotary aircraft were withdrawn from our strategic reserve or guard, these came from the mothball fleet. These units were transferred to FINCEN and painted in flat black, not flat green and not camouflaged green. These aircraft are in flat black. They bear no markings or identification to determine whether they are American or foreign national assets, no longer in the hands of the United States Air Force. We do supply and support them with your tax dollars but we do not control them completely now. FINCEN forces utilising these rotary assets have both heavylift aircraft and conventional attack aircraft. the heavy aircraft which may have been experienced in the area where I am speaking right now are the Chinook CH-47. It has a rotor front and rear and can carry up to 64 personnel in one lift.

The first mission for FINCEN helicopter and support aircraft is to go in and actually control ground operations. They do not have to follow roads. They are not concerned with road blocks, obstructions, infrastructure damages etc. They can drop into an area and assert military forces, utilise those military forces to the best of their ability and, if they're needed somewhere else, lift and move them again.

The second mission for these aircraft, though, is very important. Because of the detention camp mechanism that exists, they do not feel that it will be safe to transfer prisoners on the ground. That's why a large preponderance of the aircraft that they've received are heavy-lift aircraft capable of moving large numbers of people at once. Because of this, the Chinook's mission will be to transfer from pick-up points personnel who have been acquired and are put in temporary holding sites outside of each municipality.

Here in the city where we are standing right now, somewhere in this vicinity in close proximity, there is a holding area; that is also what we call a POL point, petroleum, oil and lubricant point. These operations will bring the people by ground vehicle to this temporary detention site. They will never hit the ground again until they reach the detention facility itself. They will be picked up by the rotary wing aircraft, flown directly to the primary detention site that is closest or to a sorting facility where it will be determined whether they are a high threat or a low threat.

Remember MJTF police: their mission is separation and categorisation of men, women and children. They will not take some individuals - it's easier just to take the whole family if you feel its a threat. And this is their mission. Once they transfer to the sorting facility, families or individuals will be separated and then sent to primary holding areas. I guarantee that prior service/military personnel, patriots and individuals who possess firearms will not be released. That's why there are so many facilities. A good example of holding areas or of detention sites that we know of that are first-line pick-up points is Brighton Airport near Brighton, which is still a federally funded facility even though it's been rented out. It originally was an Army Air Corps aviation facility. The pick-up site for Ann Arbor is located due east of Ann Arbor on Liberty Road between Parker and Zeeb. We know that, for instance, the one near Jackson is located at the Jackson airport and is predesignated. Each metropolitan area has a pick-up site that has already been predetermined, every area. All you need to do is start to look and weedle your way into the FEMA mechanism.

There is that evil word, FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency. Now we talked about this at the last meeting where I was talking to a large group of people, and this was before the articles started to come out through the federal papers about FEMA's activities throughout the United States in the eighties. FEMA is not a Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA is the secret government, legally. It's funded, made and supported through monetary expenditures designated through the Department of Defense, and also normal budgeting is taking place every year without government. FEMA has approximately 3,600 employees and yet, of the 3,600 employees, only about 59 to 63 actually deal with emergency management such as storms, disasters, hurricanes or man-made catastrophes such as nuclear attack. If only 60 of them are doing this. let me ask you one very basic question. What do the other 3,600 do? Well, their mission is to manage the system after they've taken it over. They utilise black budget or black bag funding. Black bag funding is covert operation funds authorised that cannot be challenged by public agencies or entities. They've been doing this for 13 years. Remember that FEMA was created originally by Zbigniew Brzezinski. Zbigniew Brzezinski worked for Jimmy Carter. However, after Ronald Reagan came into power, Zbigniew stayed over to complete operations and deployment of FEMA inside the United States.

The issues of guns and drugs, drugs and guns came about approximately four years ago. The objective behind that was to create an environment or create a situation that these people could use. Before that it was internal economic catastrophe that was the mission of FEMA, to create Rex 84, Rex 85.

Now the Rex series of programmes started up in 1981, and originally I participated in a programme that set up a series of actions which allowed for us, for instance, to surrender 50% of Florida. We weren't going to stop the Russians until they got to Orlando. We used to jokingly call it the Disney line. And we weren't going to make any attempt to get it back either. If you look at the globalist map though, and if you look at the final solution through the UN Charter, we lose a good portion of the United States. The way the nation is divided up, the United States of America will cease to exist. Right now we are very close to them accomplishing what they want, very close. And I cannot emphasise that enough. With most of these actions, they have always looked at the prospect of disarming the American people first. It is the most important issue that we should concern ourselves with at this time.

Anyway, what I'd like to get into next are activities and future proposed actions inside the United States by a variety of organisations including the MJTF police, FINCEN and UN battle groups that will be deployed against the American people. First of all, we'll go back to early 1989 when originally, in smoke-filled rooms behind closed doors, some committee of political monkeys decided that it was time to go after the weapons inside the United States. In doing so, what they did is decide to come up with a programme called guns, drugs, drugs, guns. If you have a gun, you must be a drug dealer. This was everybody, private firearms owners, skeet shooters, whatever.

Our response as law-abiding American citizens was supposed to be "Oh, God, take my guns, I'm not a drug dealer, oh please". Only unfortunately, what happened as far as the government is concerned, is the American people started to rearm themselves very quickly. We surveyed a lot of different shows throughout the United States, in the Midwest specifically. In fact, in some cases we covered three different cities in two different states within a 10-hour period. And what we saw wasn't people trying to get rid of their weapons; in fact that wasn't the case at all. You notice people weren't selling anything and were buying more. It was shoulder to shoulder, elbow to elbow, rear end to front, and heel to toe, and everybody was bringing everybody's uncle in to buy weapons, munitions, equipment. And we saw this from Kentucky and Tennessee to Pennsylvania to New Jersey to Michigan, Indiana, Illinois.

The effect that their guns, drugs, drugs, guns programme had is that the patriots out there started to talk to people and said, "See, this is what we told you was going to happen". And after surveying a few shows I'm sure that the intelligence information coming back through the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms people and also from other agencies that were monitoring the gun shows that the result was not exactly what they wanted either. More ammunition and weapons passed through the FFL dealers and through firearms sellers at gun shows in the three months of 1990 than in the last 15 years prior to that, all sales combined. In some cases over a million rounds of ammunition were sold off of ammunition dealers tables. Thousands of conventional firearms, virtually hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars worth of equipment such as field gear, boots, uniforms, medical support items, these were all going out and disappearing. It used to be when Fred Schmidlap and Jim and myself would go over to the gun show; we'd go in and, well, let's go buy something. We'd go buy it, we'd take it home, fire it up a little bit; we thought it was neat but it was that vogue toy for the month. We got done with it we might take it back in, we'd sell it and we'd go buy something else. There was a used firearms market. Today, there is no used firearms market. There is a reason for that. Everything that is in the hands of the people is being absorbed. This is happening right now again. It's as if somebody cut an artery and the weapons are just gushing out. In fact, the people cannot keep up with demand enough.

Now because of this, they are getting a tad concerned again. The effect of the guns, drugs, drugs, guns campaign should have been for people to just hand things over or try to dispose of the weapons because they were fearful of being prosecuted by the government. When in 1990 it was realised that they weren't exactly going to accomplish their original mission, they had to change their timetable a little we think. By the third month it was realised that the militia forces, civilian arms were bludgeoning it at a massive proportion. The structured forces that were inside that were deployed, including Operation Achilles which we mentioned before, began to reduce their actions because of notoriety and the fact that they were seeing more aggressive stances on the part of the population that they were attacking. Unfortunately, like cockroaches, you can spray and they keep coming back. So by late 1992 the latest guns, drugs, drugs, guns campaign escalated with a variety of other actions overlapping. It's a threat to your children. Well, not if you train your children properly. It's a threat to society. Well this society isn't monarchal England, it isn't pharaonic Egypt, and we most certainly aren't the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Because of that we trust our people with firearms; in fact, we are the government, therefore we're the one who should have firearms. I think everybody forgets that. We, the people. We have an obligation and a responsibility.

Now during this time, from late 1992 to the early part of 1993 we've seen a series of other actions take place in which firearms confiscations, house-to-house, door-to-door, have taken place. Operation Clean Sweep in Chicago, Operation Achilles II in Cleveland, and a series of actions that took place after the Los Angeles riots, not against the street gangs, but against the citizens who defended their homes and their businesses.

Remember the Koreans who were on top of their roofs? Strangely enough the government used the videotapes that were made to track down these homeowners and they are now being prosecuted for using their weapons to defend themselves. And this is an ongoing programme.

You're not seeing this in the general media because it wouldn't exactly bode well with the rest of us. Because of this it is realised they're going to have intensify, and in fact heavily intensify, their campaign. During the earlier phases, for instance in Chicago, the black helicopter missions that we were talking about in the early hour were taking place extensively. We have individuals who were in high-rises who were actually above helicopters flying between the high-rises in Chicago, in the windy city. These operations culminated in a final activity which lasted approximately one week in which they blocked off neighbourhoods, went building to building and house to house, entered forcibly if necessary and prosecuted the owners of any firearms, ammunition or gun parts found. This was Operation Clean Sweep.

In Cleveland an activity which was covered only by national public radio involved elements of the MJTF police and probable FINCEN forces. The Ohio guard was mobilised from several different areas in the state, transferred to an area outside the Cleveland airport where a mount area - that's an urban warfare training area - was set up with three neighbourhoods. The units that were brought in were trained in house-to-house search and seizure and securing a neighbourhood. They then went into the first training neighbourhood, went house to house, secured the neighbourhood and then attacked a second neighbourhood. Once they had secured the second neighbourhood they had to hold the first two and went to get a third neighbourhood. After these elements were trained and passed through this mechanism, they were transferred to different parts of Cleveland where they were actually deployed against the population.

This happened about the same time that the Weaver incident took place in Idaho. It was almost simultaneous. In fact, a series of actions both in Cleveland and one here in Michigan took place either during or shortly after the Weaver incident.

Now in Cleveland this received media coverage. In some parts of Ohio this received media coverage. But it received no national media attention except for one place, national public radio, who thought that this was the next best thing to sliced white bread - that they had violated people's homes, that they had gone into different parts of the city and that they had done this.

The Waco situation, which was typical of a lot of what we're going to be seeing in the future - although I think you're going to see even more ham-handedness - involved a 100-130 man assault company of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, probably under MJTF authority again. It should be understood that as of March 1989, the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) forces were divided up into these assault companies. Each platoon consists of 40 men armed with M16 A2 rifle, the AR15 9mm conversion, or the M79 grenade launcher. It is now known that these forces also include the M60 machine gun which is an infantry battle weapon now being deployed with policing agencies - you know like they have in Russia.

It was interesting to note that this assault company in Texas was identical to the type of forces that were used during Operation Achilles in the Ohio Valley coming up into Michigan. The forces are in all-black BDU uniform. They wear the black pascat armour, the black pascat helmet which looks quite like the German. They are armed, equipped and maintained through DoD resources. So many of the weapons that they are provided with are actually provided by our military. In many cases Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the FBI, DEA are now receiving training both at Quantico and many of them have gone through the US Ranger School. That's rather exotic training for people who are supposed to be police officers in the United States. On the other hand, if you again need thugs, you've got to send them some place where they can learn to be fairly efficient thugs. Many of the people that we have had that went through ranger school in the last year said that up to 50% of their company were made up of Federal Bureau of Investigation people and individuals who were involved with Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms or the Drug Enforcement Agency. Now DEA, by the way, has what we call CLET units. CLET units are directly under the control of the Treasury and/or can be accessed by the MJTF police or FINCEN. CLET are armed identically to the ATF combat elements and are deployed throughout the United States and can be used overseas.


It is the most powerful organisation in the United States and most people don't even know it exists!

FEMA is not a Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA is the secret government, legally. It's funded , made and supported through monetary expenditures designated through the Department of Defence..

By Linda Thompson.

FEMA stands for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It isn't an elected body, it has a quasi-secret budget in the billions of dollars, and it has more power than the President of the United States and most people don't even know it exists!

It was originally created to ensure the survival of the US government in the event of a nuclear attack. It was also provided the task of being a federal co-ordinating body during times of domestic disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes..

But it wasn't created under constitutional law or an act of Congress; it was created by EXECUTIVE ORDER.

There was an act, called the Emergency Management Act, that was passed in 1935. This act says that the President can issue executive orders in times of national emergency. Since that time, we have always had a declared state of "National Emergency" in the United States, even though you didn't know it. You can find these "declarations of National Emergency" in the Combined Federal Register and the records of Congress. We are in one right now. Many executive orders have been issued since them. The order enacting FEMA is one of them. Since only Congress has the authority to appropriate funds, the executive order creating this agency is unconstitutional or, at best, it should have remained unfunded.

An executive order, whether constitutional or not, becomes effective upon publication in the Federal Register. Congress is bypassed.

General Richard Secord and Lt. Col. Oliver North who orchestrated the Iran-Contra operation that smuggled in weapons and cocaine to this country, using our CIA and US Air Force to do it, were in charge of FEMA for several years during which it grew into the monster it is today.

Some of the black helicopter traffic reported throughout the United States are flown by FEMA personnel. FEMA has been given responsibility for many new disasters in addition to floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes, including urban forest fires, home heating emergencies, refugee situations, urban riots, and emergency planing for nuclear and toxic incidences.

In the West, FEMA works "in conjunction with" the 6th Army.

FEMA has only spent about 6% of its budget on national emergencies. The bulk of their funding has been used for the construction of secret underground facilities to "assure continuity of government in case of a major emergency, foreign or domestic" and to build prisons and "holding facilities" under the designation of "refugee facilities" (which have never been used for holding refugees of any sort).

Executive Order #12656 appointed the National Security Council as the principal body that should consider emergency powers. This allows the government to increase domestic surveillance of US citizens and restrict freedom of movement within the United States, granting to the government the right to isolate large groups of civilians. The National Guard may be used to seal all borders and take control of US air space and all ports of entry.

The following orders are written but not implemented and could be implemented at any time, suspending the Constitution of the United States using FEMA to do it:

Executive Order #10990 - allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and to control all highways and seaports.

Executive Order #10995 - allows the government to seize and control the communication media.

Executive Order #10997 - allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuel and minerals.

Executive Order #10998 - allows the government to take over all food resources and farms.

Executive Order #11000 - allows the government to mobilise civilians into work brigades under government supervision.

Executive Order #11001 - allows the government to take over all health, education and welfare functions

Executive Order #11002 - designates the Postmaster General to operate a national registration of all persons.

Executive Order #11003 - allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.

Executive Order #11004 - allows the housing and finance authorities to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned and establish new areas for populations.

Executive Order #11005 - allows the government to take over railroads, inland waterways and public storage facilities.

Executive Order #11051 - specifies the responsibilities of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorisation to put all executive orders into effect in times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crisis.

Executive Order #11310 - grants authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in executive orders, to institute industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate penal and correctional institutions and to advise and assist the President.

Executive Order #11049 - assigns emergency preparedness function to federal departments and agencies, consolidating 21operative issued over a 15 year period.

Executive Order #11921 - allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money in US financial institutions in any undefined national emergency. It also provides that when a state of emergency is declared by the President, Congress cannot review the action for six months.


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