Watching my Wife

I could clearly see into the kitchen and the living room while, due to the darkness, couldn't be seen from outside the closet. She asked if I could see Okay and I gave her the affirmative. I was really getting very excited by now and I could feel a drop of pre-cum forming at the tip of my now fully erect cock. Just then, the doorbell rang and I thought that my heart was about to explode. Are you sure you want to go through with this? she asked. I replied "Go for it".

She leaned toward the door and said "Is that you Henry?" I heard the reply from outside "No, its Pete....Pizza delivery". She said "Oh, Okay" and she opened the door and said "Come in. I thought you were my husband." She told him to follow her to get money from her purse in the living room.

I was very excited at this point as they walked past the closet that I was standing naked in. Sheila walked over to the couch and bent over to get her purse lying on the floor next to the coffe table. As she stood up again she looked visibly upset and started complaining " I just had a big fight with my husband, that asshole. He actually said that I was fat. Do you believe that?" She was looking directly at him and started to undo the belt on her robe. I could see the robe open and she pulled it back over her shoulders. "Do you think that I am fat?" she asked as she spun around slowly, dropping the robe as she did. I thought my cock was going to explode as I watched my wife expose herself like that. I couldn't wait to get out of that closet, but as I watched on, I became aware that I was going to have to wait a little longer.

Pete was taking this all in as he stood there in disbelief. He must have been getting an erection, because he started pulling at the front of his pants and was trying to adjust himself. "Oh my...." Sheila said. "Did I do that to you?" she asked as she walked over to him. Pete was speechless at this point. "Here. Let me help you with that".

I couldn't believe what she was doing. She started to undo his belt and then undid his zipper. As she pulled Pete's pants and underpants down to his ankles, she knelt down on her knees in front of him. I could see that he was a little weak in the knees by this time.....so was I. My wife of 15 years was taking this young mans rapidly growing cock into her hands and lowering her mouth to it. I could see her eyes widen as his cock continued to harden into a formidable erection. It was considerably larger than my standard 6" tool and very much thicker. She put the head of his cock between her lips and began stroking it with her hand. Her other hand reached underneath to cup his oversize scrotum. Her mouth sank lower over his cock as she started working her tongue and lips around his erection. I heard a faint moan come out of his mouth, or was it me that was moaning.

I didn't think Sheila would do it, but here I was, naked in the closet, and her giving a young stud a blowjob in my own living room. I stood there watching her experienced hands and mouth work their magic on Pete's cock. It didn't take very long, even though it seemed like an eternity. Pete started groaning and Sheila's hand started pumping faster.

sucking cock spilling cum I could tell that he was coming in her mouth as his groans got louder and became more of a rhythmic grunting sound. Sheila usually swallows my come when she gives me a blowjob so I was a little surprised as she opened her lips slightly and gobs of creamy cum leaked out of her mouth, down her chin and onto her chest. I'm not sure whether she was doing this for my benefit, or because of the incredible volume of cum that was exploding from Pete's cock. I couldn't believe how much this kid could cum. Sheila continued to suck and stroke his cock until he was finished. Pete stood there as Sheila stood up in front of him, cum still dripping down her face. "Why don't you sit down for a moment. I will be right back" she said as she turned and walked off to the bedroom giving me a wink as she passed me in the closet.

As Sheila left the living room, I could see Pete sit down on the couch and finish taking off his clothes. His cock had receded into a semi-flaccid state but was still very impressive compared to mine. He sat there for just a minute or so when Sheila came back into the room. She had cleaned herself of a bit and had removed her bra. Her breasts, while not extremely large, are firm and shaped nicely. The nipples were dark and hard, as they usually get when she is excited.

Pete moved over as Sheila sat down next to him. They started kissing and touching each other. Petes hands moved to Lauras breasts. He squeezed one, then the other, pinching her nipples along the way. His mouth kissed Sheila down her face, onto her chest. Sheila layed back as Pete found his way to a nipple and began licking and sucking. I knew that Sheila loved this and always got really hot and my thoughts were confirmed as she let out a soft moan.

I watched as Pete continued his way down, kissing Sheila's firm belly and grabbing the waistband of the panties, pulling them slowly from her hips. Sheila offered no resistance and helped him remove the flimsy panties to expose her now dripping pussy. The soft moans increased as Pete ran his lips over Sheila's pussy lips. A soft shriek came from her mouth as his tongue found its target on her clit. "Oh baby....that feels great...don't stop" but I could see that he had no intention of stopping. I could hear her breathing become more rapid and I could see that she was rapidly approaching orgasm.

My own cock was dripping now and my hand unconsciously had encircled my shaft and started pumping, slowly, firmly. Sheila's head arched back and I could see her stomach muscles ripple as she started cumming on Pete's mouth. He didn't miss a beat as Sheila had an extremely intense orgasm, flooding his mouth with her juices. She continued to writh in orgasm for several minutes, I didn't think it would stop. I knew Sheila was multi-orgasmic, but she never had such an intense one with me. The pangs of jealousy were very strong, but the throbbing in my cock quickly overcame that and I too reached the edge. My cock began spurting hot cum all over the closet wall. I didn't remember how long it lasted, but when it finally ebbed and my eyes came back into focus, I could see the sticky gobs dripping down the wall. For a moment, I had almost forgotten about the scene that was playing several feet in front of my hiding place.

big cock entering tight pussy When I finally glanced back at the couch, Pete was climbing on top of my wife and was slowly inserting his now rock had cock into her pussy. I wasn't sure that Sheila would be able to accomodate such a large penis, as her vagina was rather tight, even for my cock. Sheila reached down to help guide him into her and I could see the firm muscles on Pete's butt tighten as he pushed his cock past her pussy lips. "Oh....yeah.....give it to me...." Sheila said. "You're so big.....it feels so good". Sheila pushed up with her hips and the length of his cock slid endlessly into her cunt. Finally his balls smacked up against her and he started pumping in and out.

The moaning from my wifes throat became louder and gutteral as Pete's rhythmic humping intensified. My cock was rock hard again and my hand again pumping its shaft. "Uhh.....ohhh.....ohhh.....uhh...do it to me baby.....oh yes, yes, yessssssssss..........." Sheila cried out as another incredible orgasm overtook her body. Her legs rose up, with her spiked heels digging into the back of Pete's legs and I could see her juices drip down her crack. Pete's humping continued, faster, harder. I could only stand there, impotent to stop them, watching as my wife had 2, 3 then 4 orgasms while this young stud was pumping her with his prime cut of beef. I wasn't sure if it would ever end, but then I heard Pete start to groan, faintly at first but then lowder and I could see the rhythm of his humping slow, but he was now pounding it in with each thrust. Sheila was moaning loader too..."Cum in me baby. Fill me up with your hot cum" she shouted at him. I could see as his muscles spasmed and I knew he was shooting his wad into my wifes cunt. My own orgasm overtook me as I watched helplessly as Sheila and Pete came together in a shower of hot juices running down her pussy and his balls. I painted the wall again with my load.

They laid there together for 5 or ten minutes, kissing and holding each other. I heard Pete say to Sheila that this was his first time, having sex with a woman. Sheila just held his head against her chest and said "That was the BEST sex I have ever had. You are a wonderful lover and I definitely want more of this." I could see her smile as she looked up toward the closet and gave me a wink. "I think though, that maybe we should continue this another time, because I think that Henry might come home soon" . They rose up together and I could see that Pete's cock was rather limp again, but slick with the combined juices of their lovemaking. Sheila's bush was sticky with cum and I could see it dripping down to the edge of her stockings.

When Pete had his clothes back on, Sheila walked him over to the doorway, inches from my face peering from the closet, and gave him a long, deep kiss. She said that she would call again for "Pizza Pie" when her husband was going to be out for a longer time. She then opened the door, carefully hiding behind it and pushed Pete gently whispering to him "That was great, baby......have a good night" and she closed the door behind him.

I opened the door of the closet and Sheila was standing there waiting for me. "Well, I guess I called your bluff on that one" she said as she took my hand and started leading me to the bedroom. I followed speechlessly. I laid down on the bed and Sheila put my hand on her pussy and asked "So how do you like the feel of another man's cum in your wifes pussy?" I still couldn't speak as I felt the warm, sticky cum on her pubic hair and her engorged clit. "Maybe you would rather see it up closer" she said as she moved up to straddle my face.

I could now see her pussy lips, slightly spread and threads of cum stretching from them to her thighs. She pressed closer and I pressed my lips to her cunt and lapped at it with my tongue. The taste was salty and slightly bitter, but I was incredibly turned on so I continued to explore my wifes pussy with my tongue. I inserted it as far as I could and I could feel that it had been stretched by Pete's oversized cock. Sheila's breathing was becoming deep again and I could tell she was going too cum so I teased my tongue around her clit gently the way she likes it. Suddenly, she started to cum and her cunt muscles contracted rhythmically. I was surprised when my mouth began to fill with thick creamy jism that had just minutes ago been shot deeply into my wifes pussy. I couldn't stop it so I just continued to suck it all out of her. It must have been at least a shot glass full of his cum draining into my mouth and some dripping down my chin.

When Sheila's orgasm slowed, she moved herself down and lowered herself onto my throbbing rod. It felt like the Lincoln tunnel in there and I could barely feel the walls of her vagina. She was really stretched out from Pete's massively thick tool. "So how do you like my stretched out pussy? I really liked the feel of his big cock inside of me ....it feels better than yours does. Does that make you jealous?" she said. I was looking at her face as she was saying this to me and I knew it was true. "I want more of him, he made me cum incredibly good.....I've never felt anything so good before."

My cock was on the verge of an eruption that would rival Mt. Minatuba's volcano. Sheila leaned over and put her mouth against my ear and whipered "I can barely feel you inside me now, but that doesn't really matter, because Pete already took care of me, all you get is sloppy seconds. I kinda like this and we are going to have to do this again." I couldn't take it any longer and my cock exploded into Sheila's now cavernous vagina. I can't begin to describe the intensity of this orgasm that lasted over a minute or maybe even two. I was so jealous, yet it turned me on beyond belief being with my wife right after she had sex with a good looking young stud that had serviced her far better than I ever could.

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