GEC Notes Portal
To centralize the desktops. You can decide what will appear and to who - controlled with roles and groups. Headers are able to modify to your local language
Available Now on request
GEC Suite
A suite of databases connected to each other
Contacts - Companies/employees, activities, mailinglists, userid's & passwords for extranet and more
Helpdesk - Tasks with workflow & status and so on
Product Catalog - to be used with webshop or intra/extra/internet
Webshop - based on the other parts of the suite.
Under Development
GEC Contacts
The first in the GEC Suite. A database like a CRM-system with activities, mailinglists, and so on
GEC Workflow
Generic workflow-database. can be used for invoices/timetickets and similiar, only sold including local modifications
GEC Internet
Very easy to use, to publish your own web.
Create your own menues (several levels)
Create your own pages or import them.
Utility to check if your Notes-server is up and running without using the Notes-client.
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Notes SQL
To access your Notes-databases via SQL (ODBC Driver)
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To kill all Notes-processes if Notes crashes
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Check the security on your Domino web-server for free (Internet)
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NotesPeek (R5)
To check inside your NotesDatabase
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NotesPeek (R4)
To check inside your NotesDatabase
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Get mail from POP3 accounts and distribute them to a SMTP-server. The it's possible to get your private mail into the company mailserver
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VCard Support
How very easy get VCard (Digital Business cards). Both attach your own and save received ones in your personal addressbook.
Read the readme.txt
Available Now
NotesBuddya lightweight tool for Notes and Internet (POP3) mail that announces  important new mail by voice, pager, or display!,t=gr,p=nbud
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Standard R5 Webmail Contacts Synchronization
Instructions for how to customize the "iNotes Web Access\Synchronize Contacts" agent, so that it synch contacts between local address books and ordinary R5 Webmail. Includes a fix to make it work on the Macintosh platform.
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Please observe: There are NO support on unlicensed copies of the applications, and NO support of selfcustomized copies of the applications. To get support 1) It have to be an licensed copy and only modified by GEC Electronics or an Person who are authorized by GEC Electronics.