The Swedish Lotus Seven Club Annual Meeting 1998

The annual meeting of the Swedish Lotus Seven Club 1998 was held at Rönntången near Gothenburg on the weekend 13 th and 14 th of June. We all got together in Gothenburg at Gunnar Söderblom's shop, a wonderful shop selling model cars and motor related literature. The shop almost like a small museum, and well worth a visit. There always is a quiz or something similar at the meeting, and at the wall it was some questions, regarding football and other strange activities. After a nice lunch surrounded by 22 Sevens and about 30 seveners, we all headed north towards the island of Tjörn. Imagine a long super fast snake of 22 Sevens, it certainly caught a few eyes. After an hour or so, there was time for a quick cup of coffee and a snack at the local snackbar. At the stop it was time for some more quiz questions, like where are we just now? How would I know, I'm just driving.

After this it was time for some competition: At a huge parking lot, used for storing imported cars a track has been laid. The idea was to drive trough the track twice at the same time, or as close to as possible. Quite fun actually. After this competition it was time to go to the camp. The organizers had rented a sort of holiday resort with plenty of space, a football field to park the cars at.The evening started with some fresh seafood (shrimps) and a beer (or maybe two). Later we had an excellent dinner, roasted pork and wine etc. After dinner it was time to present the prizes, including the famous special prize (for finishing last) you can se on the last snapshot. In the evening plenty of Seven talk and later a few hot dogs at the beach (and possibly a beer or two). All together a very well organized meeting.

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