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Antennas for 28, 50, 432 and 1296 MHz in the tower at 15 m AGL and 55 m ASL. Also the mount for the EME dish is visible to the left, behind the shack. The QTH is situated 1 km from the sea and the antennas have sea view from about 170 deg to 350 deg azimuth.

I got my ham license in 1973 and started on 144 MHz and followed with 432 MHz (1974), 1296 MHz (1975), 2304 MHz (1977), 50 MHz (1990), 10368 MHz (1993) and 24192 MHz (1998).

One of my main interests  for about 15 years have been 50 MHz DX activity. For the moment I also work 10 MHz and 28 MHz CW.

In the tower I also used to have my 10 GHz and 24 GHz rigs. For the moment my 24 GHz activity is portable only.

In 1984 to 1989 I worked EME on 1296 and 2304 MHz from JO66EW with a 5 m dish.

Other interests are cooking, growing chili and orchids as well as designing and building radio equipment.

You can contact me at this address.

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